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Fan Set: Mobile Suit Gundam Set (All Series! Updated Nearly Every Day!)


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Hello there, I'm quite new to these forums, but I hope to make an impact. My first few sets are going to be based on my one, and only, favorite anime series, Gundam. I am picky about how realistic these cards should be, and I'll actually be playtesting them myself. I hope you enjoy!


Also, Joke cards will be made every now and then, when I feel like it.


I plan to make this a really in-depth set, by using the Yu Gi Oh! Card game rules to their fullest.








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I have many gundam figs if you want a pic for one...i have 2 Zaku II's' date=' gundam RX-WATEVER.....guncannon....many MANY G gundam, gundam seed, and seed destiny figs



Oh, I appreciate it, but I think I'm actually going to use images from the Anime. I think the Zaku II card is going to get recycled, and re-used. I don't like it that much. Thanks though! :D

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