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Please rate and give tips on my Cyberdark Deck

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Fusion Monsters

2x Chimeratech Overdragon

3x Cyberdark Dragon

1x Cyber End Dragon

1x Cyber Twin Dragon

2x Five Headed Dragon



3x Cyber Dragon

3x Cyberdark Edge

3x Cyberdark Horn

3x Cyberdark Keel

3x Gray Wing

3x Hunter Dragon

3x Masked Dragon

1x Proto-Cyber Dragon



3x Cyberdark Impact

1x Dimension Fusion

1x Dragon Mirror

3x Foolish Burial

1x Fusion Gate

1x Future Fusion

1x Limiter Removal

3x Nightmare's Steelcage

1x Overload Fusion

3x Power Bond

1x Swords of Revealing Light



3x Waboku


Some of my strategies:

Use Future Fusion on my 5 best dragons in my deck, so that I can use them for Cyberdarks and possibly summon Five Headed Dragon.

Use Foolish Burial to send Five Headed Dragon to the graveyard, before Fusing Cyberdark Dragon

Use Foolish Burial to move Cyberdarks to graveyard for Cyberdark Impact or Overload Fusion

Use Future Fusion and fuse all my Machines so I can Overload Fuse Cyberdark Dragon or Cyber End Dragon.

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3 Cyberdarks because they are my main monsters. Once I used 2 Foolish Burials, one on FHD, and one on Cyberdark Horn. I had the 2 other Cyberdarks in my hand, and Cyberdark Impact. So I summoned Cyberdark Dragon and equipped FHD to it (6300 ATK monster on 1st turn).

Also I'll just add another Proto-Cyber if they Semi Limit Cyber Dragon

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