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well, as some of u may have guessed, i really like zombies and dragons. here is my zombie deck, i am currently working on a dragon deck. ive just started, so dont be surprised if u cud whoop my ass in 2 turns, its been done be4.



2x Despair from the Dark

3x Ryu Kokki

2x Vampire Lady

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (hobby league) (yes i know this is a spellcaster the effect and atk are awesome

3x Pyramid Turtle

2x Zombie Master

Asura Priest (yes i know this is a fairy it has a nice effect)

Spirit Reaper

Vampire Lord

Vampire Genesis

2x Regenerating Mummy

Patrician of Darkness

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (i know he's rock i like his effect)

Dark Dust Spirit

Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower



3x Book of Life

2x Call of the Mummy

Swords of Revealing Light

Giant Trunade

Smashing Ground

Card Destruction

H - Heated Heart (just to increase atk)

Scapegoat (hobby league)

Lightning Vortex

Heavy Storm

Ekibyo Drakmord

Mystical Space Typhoon

Premature Burial



2x Trap Hole

Compulsory Evacuation Device

Tutan Mask

Magic Cylinder

Torrential Tribute

Trap Dustshoot

Waboku (even though it has the old effect written on it, the new effect still applies, right?)

Call of the Haunted


Sakuretsu Armor

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ok take this advice


dump soul absorbing bone tower

basically just make sure you have:


x3 pyramid turtle

x3 zombie master

x3 ryu kokki


take out vampire genisis


1 despear from that dark


if you can get an il bulud all the better


also card of safe return 3 of them IS VERY IMPORTANT


make sure you have 3 regen mummy wich means more cards to draw via card of safe return


also get rid of scapegoat


1 cal of the mummy is enough


im glad to seeu have 3 book of life mind you ^^

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