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My semi-done set


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What do you think so far?



Hound of Tindalos + The Thing That Should Not Be
This card gains an additional 300 ATK for every Beast type monster on the Field. If any Beast monster is Destroyed the controller of this card looses 3000 Life Points. Once per turn at the cost of 2000 Life points you can bring two Beast type Monsters from the graveyard onto the Field. When this card is destroyed this card is Banished





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Hound of Tindalos seems 'a little' overpowered and The Beast King technically empties your opponent's field (DNA Operation) and then gives you another free direct hit, provided there is any monster left. The Thing Behind You only works if your opponent has at least one Monster within those three cards, I don't think you can put a Mokey Mokey Smackdown card in face-up defense position. Also Cthulhu gives your opponent a free shot at defeating you so hard, you'd lose the next three duels by default or giving you a crapload of life points (Rainbow Life/Prime Material Dragon). It's way beyond unbalanced.

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