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Tomato Paradise [Anime]

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[center]When a player Summons a Plant-Type monster: They can Special Summon 1 "Tomatotoken" (Plant-Type/Level 1/EARTH/ATK 0/DEF 0) their side of the field.[/center]

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[quote name='-Venser el Transe├║nte-' timestamp='1320717647' post='5625214']
Ugh...never release this please...>_<

Considering its used by a filler charecter, it probably won't get released. Black Garden only not as nuts. Also, did anyone else get the impression this guy had a thing for Kotori, or something?

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It is worse than that

Summon Lonefire -> Get Token
Tribute Token for Glow Up/Spore -> Get Token

With Spore:
Synchro with Lonefire and Token for TG HL
Spore resummoned Banishing Lonefire -> Get Token -> Synchro Another Level 5 get a card
Revive Spore with something -> Get Token -> Synchro Formula -> Quasar

With Glow Up Bulb
Glow Up + Token = Formula
Resummon Glow Up + Token
Lonefire + Formula = Librarian

Revive Lonefire with something Get token MADNESS COMES...

Add Super Solar Nutrient to the Mix and OMG

You know what I mean

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