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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [05/??]


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I don't know if anyone remembers me here? Highly unlikely, anyway, I was sitting up one night and thought "I know, I'll have a play around with HHGttG see what I can come up with. Here are some cards.

[spoiler="Spell Cards"]
[quote="Lore"]This card can only be used while "Magrathea" is on the field. At the beginning of your turn you may pay 1000 Life Points to draw an extra card. Each Spell or Trap card you draw has its effect multiplied by 2. If you draw a Machine-type card, that card's DEF is multiplied by 2[/quote]

[quote="Lore"]While this card is on the field, all Machine-type monsters have their ATK doubled, but their DEF halved. By paying 1000 Life Points you may designate an opponents monster and at the end of your turn that monster is destroyed along with this card.[/quote]

[quote="Lore"]You may pay 500 Life Points to equip this card to any Machine-type or female monster on your side of the field. The monster with this card equipped to it can then select one of your opponent's monsters and for the duration of your turn the targeted monster is moved to your control. Destroy this card after 3 turns.[/quote]

[spoiler="Monster Cards"]

[quote="Lore"]This card can only be used while "Magrathea" is on the field. FLIP: Select one "Machine-type" monster not including this one and return it to your deck, then remove one "Point-of-view gun" from your deck and add it to your hand.[/quote]

[quote="Lore"]"Spaceship" + "Infinite Improbability Drive"
When this card is successfully summoned, Toss a coin:
- Heads: Have your opponent select one card in your hand, if it is a Field-spell card, it's effects are doubled. If it is a trap card, it is destroyed and if it is a Monster card return it to your deck and shuffle.
-Tails: Select one card from your deck and add it to your hand, then have your opponet guess what type of card you drew. If your opponet guesses correctly then you loose 1000 Life Points and the card is destroyed. If your opponent guesses wrongly then if the card you drew was a Monster card, you can play it regardless of Summoning Conditions.[/quote]

Some Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Should I continue with this set?

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