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[Single] Dark Deity


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I'm looking to balance this card out quite a bit whilst keeping it close to this powerful. Please review.


Effect: This card cannot be normal summoned or set. This card can only be special summoned (from the hand) by banishing all the cards in your graveyard when you have 15 or more cards in the graveyard and tributing two monsters from the field with 1500 or more ATK. The special summon of this card cannot be negated. This card must be the only monster you control. You can halve your LP to negate the destruction of this card. This card can attack your opponent directy.

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[quote name='ragnarok1945' timestamp='1320773869' post='5626248']
I've seen the pic used for EI custom cards, but even EIs did more than just attack directly
Yeah but am talking about the pic.But earthbound immortal the cost of summoning them is not that high if your using tokens

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This card is silly

By the time you're able to summon it, you'll have already lost.

I can't imagine any single deck except maybe Lightsworns running this, because it's just really unplayable.

It's effect isn't even that great anyway, since most cards these days prefer to return to hand/banish

Now if you take out the tributing altogether, it becomes more playable, but 15 monsters is still quite a bit, 3/4th of the monsters in your deck if you run a perfect 20-10-10

I'd lower it to 10-12

Pic is sweet tho.

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