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Where has The Time Gone....

Mors Secundis

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I'm 17 in 10 days, I remember coming here when I was 11 and I still remember how it used to be, It's now been 6 years and I feel like I've not done much with my life, school is done and I'm half way through college but, it's just wtf! I never realised time moved so fast, it'll be a year until I'm 18 but I bet it will feel like a day.

Time is Just a b**** to keep up with, and I think I just lost track along the way, Anyone else feel like time is too fast for them?

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its actually scientific

yes just goes to show everything can be proven with science, lol

anyways so when you're young your brain absorbs information more fully because because everything is quite new.
as you get older, information thats already been learned is processed then forgotten very short term.
so the older you get the more you forget throughout the day. eventually the day seems like a few minutes because you don't remember anything except for new experiences and highlights.

so basically, knowledge+memory=faster clock

deja vu tends to happen to those with extremely quick knowledge and maturity but low memory, which might also seem like time is speeding up, because you've experienced something before it even happened.

basically your mind is evolved in a way, where it process a gabajillion possible out comes to an event so rapidly its like its spontaneously telling you your future as you live your daily life.

unfortunately your memory sucks so bad, even if your deja vu had to do with you looking at your clock, you wouldn't know when its gonna happen till it actually happens.

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