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Support cards for Warriors, Spellcasters, Beast-Warriors!

Worm Victory

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Alright, Im going to make a few support cards.
(A few means atleast 10)
Any of these cards may be used for custom decks or w/e people use them for.
Correct my OCG, its halfway decent...atleast i think it is.
EDIT: I may make a set of cards that are just supporting cards. I will continue if i get more comments/insults.


[center]This card can be activated only during a Battle Phase. When your opponent selects a Warrior-type monster as a target of an effect or battle, negate that effect or battle and destroy that card. This card cannot be negated by another Trap card.[/center]


[center]While this card is Face-up you can only control 1 Warrior-type monster and another Beast-warrior-type monster. All monsters you control gain 1000 ATK. During your End Phase you can pay 1000 lifepoints to increase the ATK of all your monsters by 500. You can only control 1 Face-up "Undying Rage".[/center]


[center]This card can be Special Summoned from your hand while you control 2 Warrior-type monsters. While in face-up Attack Position, all other Warrior-type monsters gain 500 ATK. While in Face-up Defence Position, Warrior-type monsters you control gain 600 DEF and cannot be attacked more than once.[/center]


[center]If one of your Warrior-Type monsters that you control would be destroyed by battle, it is not. You may then equip this card to that monster and have it gain 700 ATK and DEF.[/center]

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