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[MTG] Gatherer-Terrible: Red Deck Still Winz

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4 [url="http://magiccards.info/5e/en/255.html"]Orcish Conscripts[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/ne/en/95.html"]Mogg Toady[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/cs/en/94.html"]Orcish Bloodpainter[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/od/en/175.html"]Barbarian Lunatic[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/mm/en/185.html"]Crag Saurian[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/cmd/en/125.html"]Goblin Cadets[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/pr/en/92.html"]Keldon Arsonist[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/ddg/en/76.html"]Fiery Fall[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/in/en/180.html"]Zap[/url]
4 [url="http://magiccards.info/5e/en/230.html"]Flare[/url]
20 Mountains

Gatherer_terrible Format is a Format in which only the most terrible cards (Those Rated with a 2.0 or less in Gatherer's Rank) can be used...SEEMS LIKE LOTS OF FUNZ


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