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Randy al'Thor

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[center]Metalhead or not, you've definitely heard of Metallica. And you've most likely listened, and I can also assume you've most likely liked what you listened to.[/center]

[center]Though when you look at metal in general, or even at Metallica, you find that nothing will ever give you the vibe of their 1983-1991 work again, and that they were a legend not to be repeated, right?[/center]

[center]Testament is a thrash metal band from the Bay Area that has been keeping it real ever since they started around the early-to-mid '80s. And their work is truly amazing, but due to being underrated under the big names, not much of the mainstream knows about them.[/center]

[center]Try this song of them, promise you won't regret it. ;)[/center]


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