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new dark destruction archetype may need work


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[spoiler Monsters]
[img]http://i.imgur.com/ljZbW.jpg[/img] [img]http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/858/221117.jpg[/img]
[spoiler edit on angel]This card cannot be normal summoned or
set. This card can only be summoned by the
effect of Ritual of Dark Destruction. When
this card is summoned place 4 Dark
Destruction Counters on this card. This
card's attack and defense are 500X the
number of Dark Destruction Counters on this
card. This card gains one Dark Destruction
Counter each turn it is face-up on the field.
When an opponent activates an effect that
would destroy this card you can instead
remove one Dark Destruction Counter, unless
it only has one, and negate the activation of
that card.[/spoiler]
If this card was not summoned by the effect of Dark Destruction Darkling LV1
then switch this card to face up attack position after it is summoned, this card
cannot change its battle position. this card cannot be destroyed in battle,
damage calculation is applied normally. During the endphase of a turn this
card was involved in a battle special summon one Dark Destruction Darkling
LV3 by sending this card to the graveyard
similar to LV2 similar to LV2 but its battle position can change
[img]http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/858/221117.jpg[/img] [img]http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/858/221117.jpg[/img]
this card can only be summoned through the effect of Dark
Destruction Darkling LV4. If this card attacks a defense position
monster whose defense is less than the attack of this card's attack
the difference is inflicted as battle damage. During the End Phase
after this card attacked it is changed to defense position and its
battle position cannot be changed until the end of your next turn
except by card effect.
[spoiler jester]This card can be summoned to your opponents side of the field. As long
as this card is face up this cards battle position cannot be changed and
this card cannot be destroyed in battle. This card cannot be tributed for
any reason. Any battle damage the controller of this card takes is
reduced to 0. When this card is attacked the controller of this card takes
damage equal to half the attacking monsters attack regardless of position.
The controller of this card gains 1000 lifepoints during each of their end
[spoiler Edit on mage]you must pay 500 life points to
activate and resolve this effect[/spoiler]
[spoiler edit on demon king]
A Dark Destruction monster must be sacrificed
every turn.[/spoiler]
[spoiler Spell]
[spoiler edit on DDDR]
when this card is activated select one card on the
field and one that is removed from play, special
summon the removed from play monster. When the
monster that you selected from the field is destroyed
destroy this card and remove from play the special
summoned monster.[/spoiler]
[spoiler edit on Library]
Pay 500 life points to activate this cards effect.
[/spoiler] [spoiler edit on life consumption]
the controller only gains 100 for each Dark
Destruction monster in the grave.[/spoiler]
[spoiler Traps]
edit on bomb
tribute a monster you control to activate this card.
edit on release
then remove a number of cards from the top of your
opponents deck equal to the number of monsters
they controlled during that battle phase.

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Ok. These cards are good and most are not overpowered or underpowered However, The dark destruction library and dark destruction magician seem to give you all the spells you want as such little price making them a little OP. Some on the other hand could need a bit of a power boost. Take for example dark destruction release, It is just the trap "negate attack" except with the cost of 500 life points and banishing a monster from your graveyard so think about strengthening that.
Now the worst OP card I would say is dark destruction bomb. Its more powerful than mirror force by quite a bit and mirror force is a limited card so I would maybe take it down a bit (maybe a life point cost).
There are a few more UP cards like "fusion in the dark dimension" that gives no advantage from polymerization so there is no real point.
But in contrast to all this criticism this is actually the start of a very good arch type and I would love to see it finish so keep up the good work ;)

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