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OTK/FTK idea(becoz didn't know where to post)


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it's a three card combo i'll design in the weekend.

First of a series of overpowered lv 4 monsters that attack you on the turn they are summoned(to your side of the field say atk 4000/3000/5000 etc)

Next "inferno tempest" an actual card that banishes all monster cards in both players decks and graveyard when you receive 3000 or more damage from a single atk.

Next, a spell or trap that inflicts damage to opp say X400 for all the cards removed from play!!!!
(most decks use 20:10:10 rule so i guess the damage is roughly 16000, enough to win 2 times :) lol).

Also you can use helios properly now, without dimensional fissure, macro cosmos etc that remove it from play when it is destroyed, giving it +300 every time. :)

It's still only the idea wait till Monday/ Sunday for the release.

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