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musical lovers ;-)

fire neos

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more card comin soon


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*squints* Can't tell if stupid... or trolling.
This is just ridiculous, why not make them all 1 star while you're at it? /sarcasm
When you make cards, at least [i][b]TRY [/b][/i]to make them fair. There's also the spelling and capitalization errors here and there and everywhere. I'm not even going to go into to detail because that would take way too much time.
And as for the pictures, the pictures for your monsters are [i]ok[/i], but try to crop them so they fill the whole box, rather than leaving blank black gaps on the sides/top.
The spells and trap card however, need some sort of background. Make them pretty.
You get a 0.5/10 from me.
You should probably re-work the whole set.

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