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The Whole "Edward vs Jacob" Thing (Twlight Saga)

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After reading the books and watching the first three crappy movies, I now want to discuss why, a few years ago, this whole "Team Edward and Team Jacob" thing sprung up.
The movie trailers for New Moon kept building up this tension between the two characters, and there were several franchises that cashed in on the conflict.
But there was no conflict.
Anyone who had read the books knew that Edward won.
Which he did.
But then, during the Eclipse build-up, they reignited these sparks, having us fight this "conflict" once more, only to find out, surprise! Edward wins!
And now, with Breaking Dawn Part 1 a week away, the TV spots are having the two characters go at it again.
Just because.

Why did we have this conflict when anyone who had read the book knew who won, and why did teenage girls take to this fight like a fish to water?

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Because Twilight fangirls have no concept of logic. They don't care about the facts, only there twisted little fantasies.
Remember this is a world where [u][i][b]SPOILERS[/b][/i][/u] : A girl can get pregnant from a being that doesn't have a heart-beat, thus has no blood-flow thus can't get.... well something men need to get in order to do the action that makes babies. [b][i][u]END SPOILERS[/u][/i][/b]
Yeah, there's more not logical things in the story that I could point out, but that may be too long.
Also, abs, apparently "true love" (of which Edward and Bella don't have, but according to the story they do) can be beaten by abs.

Sorry if about this mini rant, I have surprisingly small chance to discuss the evils of Twilight.

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