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Pot of Pestilence

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[quote name='Darkplant - FEAR' timestamp='1321099429' post='5634507']
Very unique effect indeed...

But in my eyes it looks like "Your opponent randomly discards 1 card".

Is that really a bad thing when so many other effects do it?

I just wanted generic draw that didn't promote FTKs but also came with an actual drawback of sorts. idk if I went too far with it returning though.

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Discarding instead of sending would give it more of a downside. Which in this card's case, may not necessarily make it more balanced, but it's always good to take it into consideration.

It's different. Not necessarily new, since it's basically a hodgepodge of effects (A broken Upstart capped by a Dark Scheme downside). I like the line of thinking though.

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