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So I've been watching this anime since it's been on, missing a few episodes every once in a while, and it has been very confusing for me to follow.

At first I thought it was about a violent city filled with gangs and the "black rider" was a mysterious vigilante trying to rid the city of gangs. Then, it turns out the black rider was a chick who's looking for her lost head and the Mikado guy is the leader of the dollars. Now, I find out that Masaomi is leader of the Yellow Scarves(a rival gang) and there's some kind of plauge of love or something going around the city.

I'm not even sure how Izaya fits into the story, at first I thought he was the big hero with Ichigo's voice, but now he seems less heroic. Anyway, let's discuss the anime, and maybe you guys can fill me in on some of this stuff.

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How is Izaya in anyway a hero?

The simplest way too put it is there is no main storyline, but multiple coinciding plots. For people that watched the mangaka's previous work, Baccano!, this shouldn't be a foreign concept.

DRRR!! really needed more time to flesh out/finish it's plotlines because things like Izaya's Valhalla goal were never realized and the show just kind of ends oddly. But i did enjoy watching these colorful characters interact.

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