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The Belgariad and The Mallorean [David Eddings]

Mecha Love

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These series of books, along with all of David Eddings other books are my absolute favourite when it comes to literature.They were published a good many years back, originally they were my nans books. My writing style is very similar to that of David Eddings, solely because of how much I read his books.

So, I'd say discuss them, but most of you probably won't know them. So look them up THEN discusss them :D

Then there's also Elenium and The Tamuli which again, are amazing.

If you've heard of these books, I love you O.O

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I'm acually quite proud to say that I know about these books.

My uncle gave what I think are the first two books to me as a birthday present one year and the only thing stopping me to say that they are the best thing I've read in a very long time is that I couldn't find the other books untill several years later, and by then, I'd pretty much forgotten all about them and begun reading others.

They are withouth a doubt though on my top 5 list of books I've read so far

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