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Toon Deedlit (OCG help?)


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Another topic from me? Oh snap!
Anyway, because I'm apparently supposed to be trying to impress Astro Dude, this has been made.
I struggled with the OCG so please correct any mistakes you see. (I know there's alot)
[spoiler=Card in here.][img]http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/474/toondeedlit.jpg[/img]
[spoiler=Lore]This card cannot be summoned if "Toon World" is not face-up on your side of the field. If "Toon World" is removed from the field: destroy this card. If your opponent does not control a "Toon" Monster: this card can attack your opponent directly. Up to twice per turn: If this card would be destroyed by an effect that does not target it; It is not destroyed. While this card is face-up on the field: Your opponent cannot select Warrior-Type monsters as attack targets. Once per turn you can Special Summon one Level 3 or lower Warrior type monster from your hand. If a Monster Special Summoned by this effect attacks on the turn it was summoned: Banish it.[/spoiler]

Also, I rep for good criticism, so feel free to do so.
Rate and all that good stuff too, if you would be so kind.

Edited with some fixes. Still doesn't look right to me but hey! What do I know?

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[b]S[/b]ummoned by itself should not be capitalized. Other summons should.
New OCG: Replace all commas with Colons, and capitalize the first letter after the colon. After the 1st colon, all other sentence seprations should be semi-colons.
It is not [b]"warrior" type[/b] It is [b]Warrior-Type[/b]
[b]M[/b]onster [b]B[/b]anished should not be capitalized.

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[quote name='Astro Dude' timestamp='1321746205' post='5653825']
Why Banished? It's called "Remove from Play"

[quote name='Angeloid Beta' timestamp='1321746567' post='5653845']
The new OCG changed Removed from Play to Banished.
You've won!!!

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