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Nordic Beasts done wrong


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x3 Guldfaxe
x3 Black Goat
x1 White Goat
x2 T.G. Striker
x2 T.G. Warwolf
x1 T.G. Rush Rhino
x3 Reborn Tengu
x3 Tour Guide
x1 Sangan
x2 Hamster
x1 Ryko

x3 MST
x1 Hole
x1 Reborn
x1 Heavy

x3 Horn
x2 Gleipnir
x2 Warning
x2 Call
x1 Mirror
x1 Dustshoot
x1 Judgment

yeah idk just posting this so someone could give me a good nordic build

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[quote name='Thunder End Dragon' timestamp='1321183042' post='5637065']
Why only one White Goat? I dunno how the majority of people play Nordics but in my Nordic build:
Black Goat -> White Goat -> Tuner -> Sync
or White Goat -> Tokens -> Sync.

You can do that a good many times but probably not with only 1 :/

meh deck needs space for White Goat and Gleipnir then

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