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Plz lock this thread

Parting Shot

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[align=center]so, i recently have been working on some more cards.


this, however, is the only one I've actually found a picture for.




so, please leave feedback, and let me know what's good/bad about it.


hopefully i will find some good pics and post more rotator cards soon!




you can find the rest of the rotator cards at the top of the thread here


oh, and this picture is not mine, i do not own it, i simply cropped it. i don't know who's is it as i found it through a google image search, but if the owner wishes to be credited or for it to be removed, pm me and i will either add a credit to them or remove it until a supplemental pic can be found



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Do not make a new thread each time you add a new card to your set. it is ok i guess


well' date=' i plan on updating this thread with my future rotator cards. the set i link to is actually a pack, and it's finished. this card would be part of a new pack, but i don't have enough new cards for that yet. so, that's why i made a new thread. hope that's ok ^_^


it's a nice cards, hard to handle with.


what do you mean?

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it's a nice cards' date=' hard to handle with.



what do you mean?


i mean the card is good but risky.


well, if you look at the other rotator cards, they all have a chance of being negative for the person who plays it, but that's the fun of the deck, imo

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