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transcript for a new sci-fi novel


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this is basically the prologue to a sci-fi I might write, depending on my will to finish it, and depending on its popularity.

the title of the book is doppelganger and its about a scientist who finds his doppelganger self in another universe, and then learns about that universe through him as a guide.

the twist ending is that... [spoiler=twist ending] the universe being studied is actually our world. This way I can point out major social flaws using various undertones. from politics, to society, to economics, its another one of those modern day "this is why we suck and this is how we fix it" novels[/spoiler]

If you took two parallel worlds and compared them side by side, how can you tell which one is the “original” world? If you think about it, we’ve always perceived the parallel to us, as the alternate reality.

[left]The same would probably apply for what goes the other way around; if the parallel universe finds or assumes we exist, then they would label us as the alternative.[/left]

[left]So even if we really personally consider ourselves the original/base universe and the other to be the more surreal of the two, in a third person perspective, we really can’t tell which universe came first.[/left]

[left]But then to some disappointment assuming the universes are parallel, there’s really no point in digging deeper into the study of these universes, because well never ever see them anyway. That’s why they are called [i]parallel.[/i] We will never manage to find solid proof.[/left]

[left](Moment of pause)[/left]

[left]Then I’ve decided, this can’t end here, I’ll hang on to the smallest ounce of hope that a subject such as alternate universes can be studied and so I started from scratch. And like most great scientist do, I begin to doubt a theory that was to be accepted, claiming that the base theory that these universes are parallel was something to be challenged.[/left]

[left]There is no way that we can have all these possibilities without some of them over lapping the possibilities of another universe.[/left]

[left]Then you start to wonder, maybe instead of every universe being so parallel to each other, these universes intercept on certain points of the timeline, turning multiple universes into one. Then maybe that single timeline that I just mentioned branches of into multiple universes again.[/left]

[left]You realize that those universes are crossing each other every millisecond of our lives, lining up and splitting up so rapidly that there’s no point in traveling to some of these universes because eventually it’ll all be as if you never left where you began.[/left]

[left]Then I’m going to assume that some strands of the web just die out ending a universe, while other strands extend far enough so that it won’t intercept with other time lines for a very long time… Now this is starting to get interesting.[/left]

[left]So it’s not that they’re parallel, they’re just extending in a direction far, far ,far from anything else. So every “new” alternate universe is actually just another strand shooting out in some randomized direction from the original strand.[/left]

[left]No let me rephrase that, the new alternate universe is most likely another web, sprouting from the original web, or a web sprouting from an alternate web of the original web, or an alternate of how ever many webs precede that web until it reaches the original web, or point- oh bloody hell now I’m confusing myself.[/left]

[left](A moment of laughter)[/left]

[left]Let me simplify… So universes aren’t really lines placed side by side after all.[/left]

[left]They’re more like webs.[/left]

[left]Each strand has the potential to become another web and that web has an infinite number of possibilities to make more strands, therefore making a ridiculously large and complex network of time lines, event, places which all started when from a lone and single infinitely small point.[/left]

[left]So when they say the universe is limitlessly expanding at an exponential rate, it’s actually a bigger deal than most people currently perceive.[/left]

[left]It’s not that the single universe is expanding to a massive size, it’s more like, that this universe is one of the strands or an entire web, out of an incomplete and always expanding network.[/left]

[left]Just organizing these thoughts give us a very clear image of how massive everything put together actually is. We are just another single infinitely small point.[/left]

[left]An analogy would be that us at this very moment represents one of the speeder bikes of the game [i]Tron.[/i][/left]

[left](Slight chuckling)[/left]

[left]Don’t make fun of [i]Tron[/i] because that stuff is just pure awesome[/left]

[left](Laughter, slight applause)[/left]

[left]Ha-ha so anyways the analogy,[/left]

[left]So these awesome speeder bikes which represent us are creating more of the web by trailing the strand behind us. Every now and then we might enter a cheat code that allows us to move along a strand, or navigate a web that’s already been made, in layman’s terms, the multiple choices of destiny.[/left]

[left](A longer pause usual)[/left]

[left]Now from here we can begin to look at the bigger picture.[/left]

[left]What if we we’re able to travel along this strand of destiny? There is always a point of interception along these strands of time and you can always back track from a dead end. There are no real separations, so not a single universe that can’t be left unexplored. Almost as if we have created a dimensional elevator.[/left]

[left]We now have access to some solid evidence, something to work with, and something that makes the study of alternate universes worth looking into, by knocking down the belief that universes are parallel we’ve opened the door way to the next great frontier.[/left]

[left]And although many scientists will find holes in my theory as I have done for them, I can imagine that each time they would point out an inaccuracy, they will do it with much disappointment and regret, because what scientist would throw away the hope, and even if it is a false hope, for it is that something that is so astronomically life changing?[/left]

[left]This brings the possibility that beings from another universe akin to us could actively and directly teach us, how to become, advanced. Whether it is medicine, mechanics, or even politics and philosophy, could we really lose that hope over not yet foreseen inaccuracies, most likely given without proper evidence?[/left]

[left]The hope of a single successful trial is all the motivation needed, to attempt travel along the weaving and expanding fabric of alternate universes. [/spoiler][/left]

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[quote name='Darkplant - FEAR' timestamp='1321183583' post='5637075']
And apparently this is in the right section, yeah.

OT: Too lazy to read prologue, but twist seems decent. Overused, but decent.

yeah should have but this in the fan fic section but ahh well

but yeah totally agree, overused but the only difference is I'm not m-night-Shamalan
so its not as legit

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[quote name='Supreme Gamesmaster' timestamp='1321235133' post='5639387']
Written media: you're doing it wrong.

@twist: That's no twist. It's a [s]space station[/s] premise. Just make it a straight up satire with possible alternatives offered.

I did that on purpose, It suppose to be a transcript to a TED conference the story format comes in when the story actually starts

and for the "twist" well its not really a twist only because its obvious to those who already know whats being delivered. I'm writing it (or not) in a way that allows simple minds to assume that the universe the story began with is actually our own.

also satire is not my delivery here, its based purely on facts delivered in a cinematic way

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[quote name='gimmepie' timestamp='1322534326' post='5673464']
Personally I like it. It engages the reader and makes them question their own beliefs. Those are the stories that people can't help but read.

You might need to do a little bit of work on wording and structure though (who doesn't).

this made my day, thx for the constructive critique dude and yeah my structure is trash lol and when you say "who doesn't" I mean me especially.

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