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YCM's Pokemon Battle Union


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Welcome to the future of [url="http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/234154-the-jolteon-clan/"]Jolteon Clan[/url]. In this club, we discuss Pokemon, whether it's general or competitive. There'll be Wi-Fi events where we just battle or trade in Pokemon Black or White.

[spoiler=Rules]- All YCM rules apply
- No spamming, flaming, trolling, etc
- No shortposting
- Stay on-topic
- Try to be active[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Promotions]None yet.[/spoiler]


♥ Chii ♥

[b]Elite Four:[/b]

.:Toshiro Hitsugaya
Lunar Eclipse


Inferno Knight LC
Everyone else in Jolteon Clan.[/spoiler]

Favourite Eeveelution (max. 1):
Favourite Pokemon (max. 2):
Pokemon Black or White (not compulsory):
Black/White Name (not compulsory):
Friend Codes (not compulsory):

Affiliation App:

Club Name:
Club Link:[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Affliates]None yet.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Friend Codes][b].:Toshiro Hitsugaya:.[/b]

Name: Swords
FC: 1979 3488 8639

[b]Lunar Eclipse[/b]

Name: Alyss
FC: 2236 7636 8062

[b]Inferno Knight LC[/b]

FC: 2494 5130 4578


FC: 2966 8193 5562 [/spoiler]

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Okay, added to first page. Just add my Friend Code too.

Lunar, Chii, want any Mystery Eggs? I've got... 18. These have some random Pokemon I bred. Even I don't know what's inside. Though I know a couple of stuff, like Spiritomb, Phione and Oshawott (with Air Slash and Assurance). There'll be more Pokemon, because I breed 5 different Pokemon a day. You guys can have 2 or 3 if you want. I need to get rid of them anyways. Plus, my cousin's place have unlimited Wi-Fi, which is a good thing. And I got a Japanese Zekrom for a Dialga in GTS.

I'm maybe free at Friday 8PM EST. I'm currently in holiday in Indonesia, which is 4 hours back. Also, the Wi-Fi randomly stops sometimes.. =/

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