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possible RPG - preorder open (also accepting developer ideas)


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this is hardly finished, I mean its not even in the beta yet, but basically its a RP story/mmo game

like a normal RP its based on story transcription

but like a game, character classes, locations and events are all set prior to the beginning of this thing and frequently updated till either I die or decide I'm to lazy to update new events (in other words quests?)

just think of it as D+D but less dorky... okay fine its the equivalently dorky, but at least theirs no dice rolling involved and no serious attribute points and leveling. There are job advancements however.

[spoiler=possible FAQ and suggestions]
1. certain classes are OP.
(then tell me how)

2. one class is to popular so all the others are neglected.
(nerfs and buffs here and there)

3. the landscapes are not described in detail enough.
(I know, I might even have to make a map soon)

4. the land scape is so Pangaea, why can't you make continents?
(shut up its hard)

5. land alliances/affiliations/enemies are confusing.
(I'll make a chart or something later)

6. what time period is this?
(does it matter? obviously this world is not our own)

7. are we assuming this is earth with a different landscape?
(I might just make it a whole new planet in a different solar system to avoid complexity)

8. are you gonna make an inventory list too?
(do you realize how long it'd take for me to design every single weapon and armor? do it yourself and ask me if its acceptable)

9. what about a skill tree?
(you're crazy aren't you?)

10. can I suggest new countries?
(sure, but your gonna have to do it yourself and it has to be quite detailed)

10. how do we follow a single story line if we are in different counties ?
(well it'll be like multiple stories in on RP, and you can decide to ally other players before you even begin and eventually I will make "party quests" in which the characters will be forced to cross paths and accomplish a goal, and sometimes there might be "party quests" that make 2 parties go against each other.

[b]The games reference table[/b]
[spoiler=units of measurement]
[left]1P = 1 psionic unit[/left]

[left]1DP = 10 psionic units[/left]
[left]or 1 Decca-psionic unit[/left]

[left]Can be seen in spate units Example: 1.6 Decca-psionic unit = 16 psionic units[/left]
[left]Or 1 Decca and 6 psionic units[/left]

[left]1MP (Mega-psionic unit) = 10 DP[/left]

[left]10MP = 1G (generator)[/left]
[left]1 G is the max capability recorded to date where the ESPer could host the psionic power and remain healthy or keep up functioning vitality.[/left]

[left][b][u]Potentials/levels measured by these units[/u][/b][/left]

[left]1 Psionic unit= unseen or felt psionic potential. These are people who generally do not possess any psionic abilities, or too little to even bother training.[/left]

[left]2-5 psionic units = potential for clairvoyance, with sharp sense and intuition.[/left]
[left]6-10 psionic units = clairvoyance and telepathy eminent at 10 psionic units are known to be potential Tek-level.[/left]
[left]1.1-4 Decca-psionic units = honed skills of telepathic mastery, adequate control of telekinetic abilities.[/left]
[left]4-7.5 Decca-psionic units = expert skills of telepathic mastery, honed control of basic telekinetic abilities and potential for specialization/elementalist level abilities.[/left]

[left]7.6-9 Decca-psionic units = telepathic mastery, expert skills on basic telekinesis, search process of fitted specialization.[/left]

[left]1 Mega-psionic unit = a found specialization.[/left]

[left]2-3 Mega-psionic units = The implications of specialization to remove basic methods of telekinesis.[/left]

[left]4-5 Mega-psionic units = adequate specialization[/left]

[left]7-9 Mega-psionic units = expertise in psionic specialization[/left]

[left]9 Mega-psionic units = true elemental mastery[/left]

[left]1 Generator = psionic grand master, typically chosen leaders of lands.[/left]

[left]Zero strand = all living beings do not have a potential limit. This state is a very rare state, unlocked through the desperation or will power to achieve a short term task. During Zero strand there is absolutely no limit to psionic ability and therefore can accomplish the 1 accepted as impossible task. Example bringing someone back to life. After you have finished the task the Zero strand fades and the great fluctuation in psionic power, causes the ESPer to die.[/spoiler][/left]

[left][spoiler=Elements/specializations (styles include: close combat, mid-range combat, artillery combat, stealth combat, defensive, support, versatile): [b]INCOMPLETE: accepting suggestions and revisions[/b]][/left]
[left][spoiler=classical elements of the original espers][/left]
[left]Air/wind/infrared (north):[/left]
[left]These espers manipulate oxygen, nitrogen and infrared rays in the air. These elements are used in two distinct methods, one being called “grip winds” and another being called “speed winds.” These areas are hard to reach as there lands a large stretch of mountain ranges. These mountain ranges are stacked with pillars that support individual living spaces and connected to one another by bridges hanging around 100ft from the base of their pillars. The only way to get down and up is by climbing up and down the pillars that have built in ladders that normally lead to the back of most houses. There may be a lot of young speed-wind teks fooling around by blasting wind around the area for short moments of flight, which would make any tourist uneasy and experience some extreme vertigo.[/left]

[left]Grip-wind teks (support and midrange combat)- The gases that north espers control are abundant and surround our entire being; this is why as long as they are in visible range they can use their fighting abilities at maximum potential. They manipulate air pressure to imprison or impair opponents and speed up allies. At high levels even fatally crush bodies. Altering air pressure in the other direction they can allow quick movements with less surrounding resistance allowing allies to move at extreme speeds. With this they are well round medics, using oxidation to boost the immune system and cell restoration in a body and can put good pressure on wounds to stop bleeding and feed oxygen to severed limbs so it can be used for reattachment later.[/left]

[left]Speed-wind teks (close-mid range combat) - These espers use a more explosive type of wind compared to its counter-part. Instead of focusing on direct manipulation of the air around them they manipulate infrared rays (heat) in order to shift the air to storm like winds and create blasts of air. The most significant difference in this wind style is where grip winds can be manipulated anywhere, speed winds have a disadvantage where you must use either your body heat or ground heat to move winds directionally from a starting point or location. But this style has an advantage in being much more lethal at very early stages and can remain that way even up to very late stages.[/left]

[left]Earth/minerals (south):[/left]
[left]The manipulators of natural earth and land; they are split by two distinct methods, as either being “structured earth” or as “seismic earth.” The land they live on is practically a massive manmade quarry filled with housing, structures and architectural marvels better than any other any other land could possibly create, next to the lands of the forge. Usually the people of this land have humble tendencies, never underestimating and always searching for improvement. They have slight distrust for the nation of fire and the forge yet are dependent on them for about 80% of their income by selling minerals for melting and extracting natural metals.[/left]

[left]Structured alchemists (versatile) - The ability to create or build structures out of earth normally by breaking things down into sediments and then reforming them, or at higher levels carving detailed figures straight from a compact substance. They can make tools, weapons, pillars and certain landmarks or landscapes. A very versatile element to work with and even more so one of the easy elements to manipulate as you do not need to focus at the molecular level as much as other elements and everything is quite visible. Their disadvantage is in their speed and start up times for their abilities.[/left]

[left]Seismic lurkers (artillery combat)- A long range devastating earth esper, capable of making seismic gaps in the earth at the highest of levels and literally moving mountains as they please. Normally unseen as they work their magic under the earth’s crust they are hard to get close to. Their down side is that even with their immense power they cannot focus the energies at pinpoint locations making them a danger to themselves in close range combat.[/left]

[left]Water (east): a very versatile element and yet specified into 2 very different styles of combat. Many Have the ability to do both but usually prefer one over the other and the 2 styles are actually one of the only elements that have civil rivalries to one another. The East lands are filled mainly with mercenaries who are closely knit together and known for being a full society government, being the only successful communist society in the world where meetings are held with no greater powers but mercenaries of greater respect. The assassins live where one massive ocean cave fills with a mass of tents where some of the most respected would be at the mouth of the cave allowing them the advantage of taking more jobs and getting paid more frequently. The bounty hunters on the other hand are a mass of over 5000 crashed wooden ships would make an island for the bounty hunters, where no one but bounty hunters can ever tread. If you want to talk to one you have to first talk through their personal and trusted messengers.[/left]

[left]Liquid assassins (stealth combat): using mist, refraction, reflections and water blur these espers impair your sense of vision, hearing, and smell allowing themselves to move around undetected for assassinations or making getaways without being traced or tracked. One of the only espers that do not rely on their powers by majority they must actually practice a wide range of skills to be effective otherwise they couldn’t even harm flies. Yet at the same time they know there social status as a low level society of assassins. A 3:2:1 ratio between physical endurance and agility, wit and psionic powers, these espers take a lot of time training their bodies instead of their abilities. Even though they need to hone all these skills they are hardly serious about improvement and feel like they are already superior when it comes to killing in every way. Generally and ironically for silent assassins they seem to be the biggest loud mouths.[/left]

[left]Hydro-genic bounty hunters (defensive and midrange combat): The opposite of the liquid assassin, they are the silent type that goes more on action than words, which is why not much is known about them except that they catch the people you want alive and for a fairly reasonable price compared to the overpriced assassins. They barely move an inch and they are almost completely reliant on their psionic abilities. They are masters at catching people alive, using adhesives formed by hydrogen bonds and creating small water prisons with intense pressures to drown someone and forcibly pass someone out. Generally they don’t move because they are so hard to touch. They put full concentration on controlling their surrounding moisture.[/left]

[left]Fire/combustible gases/oils (west): A place that pretty much looks like [i]Mordor[/i] from the lord of the rings except without the swamps filled with dead people. A fiery mass of lakes of magma and torch lit everything, an intimidating place to venture. The espers of this land are all offensive orientated and first and oldest lands where espers have walked upon. They have a good amount of patience but cross their line and the amount anger shown will be hard to hard to walk away from alive.[/left]

[left]Classic inferno (mid-range combat): The oldest espers in the world, they kept their ancient stern, gruff and traditional styles for ages. Easily their biggest taboo is ignorance of the new and the young. They manipulate and create fire by generally igniting the air around them and manipulating the gasses and oils in the environment. They are however affected by their own heat and therefore have to be mindful of the way they manipulate the distance of their flames and at the same time keep them under control, or else spreading flames to areas unwanted.[/left]

[left]New-gen demolitionist (artillery combat): As if the infernos were not already destructive enough, a new generation of pyrotechnic psionic emerged quite recently. These espers use the power of explosion and eruption by branching of the already initial “spark” factor of classic infernos; these espers take that spark and then create chain reactions using pockets of gases instead of free floating gases. The older generation will tend to call them too destructive and undisciplined yet respect them as a new kin.[/spoiler][/left]

[left][spoiler=Hybrid elements: elements of the allied espers][/left]

[left]Frost/ice (north east): A single snow-capped summit with a small population of old age barbaric espers, generally there are very few frost espers because they tend to have a lack of enough mental capability to even begin the basics of psionics let alone elemental specializing. They are said to come around the same time as the espers of fire. Only around 10% of their society is esper and the rest usually just survive in the harsh climates, crafting crude weapons and normally attack everything new they come across as their first reaction. They never have the need to fight because no one bothers to go up the high and frosty mountains but every once in a while they go I little lower to hunt for mountain goats, eagle eggs and occasionally if they go low enough mountain wild boars a hiker might run into them. In that case he might want to hide because usually they greet people by turning into large meat popsicles, then thawing them so that they can interrogate you with intimidating methods.[/left]

[left]Frozen barbarians (close range combat): They have only one type of esper and those are what other lands would call the frozen barbarians. Generally because the lands of frost have very few espers and even less that can hold up their abilities for long periods at a time, they will force their abilities on another object allowing their mental capacity to relax. This way they power their crude weapons to freeze anything it touches. At the same time they have a high pain tolerance as they by second nature numb and freeze their wounds in order to ignore only something that can slow them down or make them cool their confidence. Eventually tough if they ignore fatal wounds with continued numbing of pain they will die, and with their stubborn don’t need help attitudes it put a huge detriment and their population and survival rate. Typically these esper are huge in body mass, because of the adaptation in the lack of air pressure over many years they genetically where born at an average of 17 pounds at birth.[/left]

[left]Electricity/light (North West): Electricity and light are 2 totally different and distinct espers and some would say they belong as 2 separate nations. In fact they used to be that way until the land of electricity made artificial lights and therefore the espers of light voluntarily joined nations and eventually mixed into one. They share the mountain range of the nation of air and set up windmills to produce the power they need for their large self-supported and highly illuminated spheres so that when you look from afar it would look like a mass of full moons.[/left]

[left]Batteries (close-mid range combat): They cannot charge their own particles and make their own electricity unless they have up to 8.5-9 MPs therefore most of these espers will take electricity from appliances and “recharge” their bodies to they can spend it externally. Therefore if they were ever in a fight they’d have to take into consideration how quickly he’d have to beat an opponent and how many opponents there are, useless spending is not awarded. They can use this external electricity from stunning jolts to fatal discharges, by releasing needed amounts, but the hard part is controlling distances, their bodies work like tesla coils and therefore if they try to extend to long a range they cannot direct their attacks making it inefficient and wasting power. If you want some creative things you can do with the external output play infamous 1 and 2 for a good hour.[/left]

[left]Illuminators (stealth combat): They are the masters of illusions and confusion; they are easily one of the smartest and cleverest of all espers. Only someone with the highest of mental capability and concentration can bend visible light and keep it with in its very specific electromagnetic spectrum. By bending light they can create images and change the shapes around them. They can make everyone else feel like fighting a huge army while you pick them off one by one. You can make people blind by moving light away from their eyes and make yourself invisible by bending light away from your body. It is ritual that by the time you become an esper of the light with a psionic magnitude of 8 MPs that you remove your eyes and rely solely on your psionic intuition to navigate and feel presence. Before that time relying heavily on your intuition and precognition, is heavily practiced from a very young age and told ahead of time about the honorable procedure of removing everything in the ocular strand.[/left]

[left]Life/plant/wood/Prokaryotic cells (south east): Strangely enough even though it is a fairly young nation compared to its adjacent nations it is one of the largest nations next to the largest nation the nation of fire. But eventually it appears as though the nation of life will grow larger than the land of fire as the land of fire constant moves further and further as an enormous peninsula. Evidently enough the land of life is a massive rain forest, with the greatest abundances of wildlife. The civilian homes are great hollowed out trees that take decades to make as they do not manually hollow them out until they are overcome by the invasive vine species known as death-wrap leaving massive hollow shells or dying of old age and disease. The espers of this land are mainly architects much like the espers of the south lands. But instead of carving and molding everything the esper build are based on their ability to grow something directionally. Once they make a mistake they can’t shrink it back down or carve it and they have to adapt their growth into a totally new kind of structure.[/left]

[left]Growth Catalyst (support): Exactly what the name says, there are 3 catalyst type espers in this world and they are growth, infests and energize. The growth variant is only used by espers that can control the prokaryotic cell. Like how the infest and energize catalyst only work for their specialized elements. They speed up and magnify chemical reactions in the prokaryotic cell to such a degree that they can rapidly make plants grow, decay, and shape. The down side is that they must carry their own seeds around. Some decide that they prefer some plants over others so they specialize and carry around only a single type of plant seed. One of the most common ones is invasive vines, because they are easy to acquire and directionally manipulate. Mainly and practically would be used to bind, support, and structure.[/left]

[left]Metals/steam/forge (south west): The land of the forge is a manifestation of the term industry. You will barely see anything as the smoke and steam fills the air from the chimneys that litter the floor, popping up about 4-5 inches off the ground like sprinkler systems out of the ground. All forges are deep beneath the surface in order to harness geo-thermal energy and stable magma. Behind the vast field of smoke pipes lies a clanking and tinkering mass of houses moving on hydraulic powered legs and digging occasionally to pull out geo-heated cooked meats out from under the ground. These espers rely on their Metal walkers that come in various sizes, from the size of just the back of the human body to the size of a house with varieties of limbs and appendages. These walkers are fused with the human esper at the spinal cord and the occipital lobe in order control movements and functions at acute detail.[/left]

[left]Clankers (mid-artillery range combat and defensive): Using mechanics like massive vehicles either with high armor and high mobility; varied they are fed by coal or gas in order to power the heavy machinery. Like all espers of the forge they are fused at their nervous system and are how they control the smallest of details without even lifting a finger. Shelling and bombarding incoming enemies from a far, spraying machine gun fire at what they see in front of them, stomping around to dodge the biggest threats, set up mines and even fire a smoke screen for your getaway, all at the same time as with perfect precision and timing as long as the esper himself has the mental capability to handle it all. Generally the only thing the esper needs to do is constantly make sure the machinery is not doing tasks that the machinery is not physically capable and keeping good maintenance of their always changing and updating outer shell. If they fail to do so the machine and the esper will suffer heavy loss and lack of response for quick action.[/left]

[left]Technotics (versatile): instead of large vehicle like machinery run by coal and gasoline these espers enhanced their own bodies using steam and thermal, powered self-charging generators. By using a good ratio of hydraulics, they can recharge the entirety of their mechanical enhancements with manual movement. Essentially as long as they move their limbs which are normally where their hydraulics would be placed they will never power out for what they installed on themselves. Shapes vary from just an enhanced human figure, to flexible octopus like mechanical limbs, to jet engines and wheels. They are certainly odd and misfit, always original and custom, no technotic will look similar to the other and furthermore all functions and capabilities vary on the machine that they produced it themselves.[/spoiler][/left]

[left][spoiler=Information elements: elements of the new generation][/left]
[left]Sound (north extension): The north extension is just a little north of the land of the winds at the base of the mountain range they line up against a vast plane that leads to a beach further north and following to the coast line to the east a sea of glaciers and ice cliffs extended out as a peninsula that separates into a number of icy islands that tip the peninsula. These lands are traveled on by wandering gypsies that generally don’t have land of their own. The people of sound are normally bards and street performers with a few esper of their own, yet make their selves abundant, collected and gathered in the lands ranging the areas above the north lands to the glacier islands. They communicate with the land of the wind with bats and then let the messengers of the wind take the message to somewhere further for small fees. They communicate to the land of water using underwater distinctly shaped sonar in chronological order to send messages in a kind of Morse code, over long distances in a short amount of time.[/left]
[left]Shrieker (mid ranged combat):[/left]

[left]Leveler (close-mid range combat):[/left]
[left]Animals/humans/Eukaryotic cells (south east extension):[/left]
[left]Illness/bacteria/disease/toxin (east extension)[/left]

[left]High-end electromagnetic spectrum energy/radiation (north-west extension)[/left]

[left][spoiler=Time and space: elements of the unchanging entities][/left]

[left]Space/void/mass (upper circle)[/left]
[left]Chaos/entropy/time (lower circle)[/spoiler][/left]

I'm expecting Trials in order to kick out some classes, maybe throw in new ones (although highly unlikely, because i have to many classes), organize land shape and size, etc.

tell me what you guys think and if you guys want to you can pre-order it by just saying so, then when its actually in beta, I'll make an app. form.

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