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God Knows I love MachinaTown


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@Kitteh: I prefer running Solemn Judgment over a second Warning. I really don't like the thought of running all 3 of them.
For some reason, I always fail horribly whenever I run Dustshoot. Just like back when Cold Wave was legal, I never managed to get the desired result from it.
As for Book of Moon, I'll look into it...but I really like Mind Control, since the most commonly run monsters are level 3 and 4, and coincidentially, those are the levels of nearly all my monsters. I'm gonna love it even more when #11:Big Eye comes out, I'll be snatching Gorzes with it like crazy.
How about -1Call, +1 Book?
As for the Force; he's a target for Gearframe, untill Cannon comes out.
Gadget engine? I used to run that a while ago, but I'm kinda sick of getting my Gadgets Mindcrushed every turn. Plus, that engine takes up 11 Deck slots. (Cause real men run 3 Gadgets and 2 Offering.) I might build a new Gadget Deck in the future, using Sabre Tigers and Poki Drago's, as well as that one Fire dude who increases the level of Normal summoned monsters by 1.

@Stratus: I've been thinking about this too.. Compul is a lot more chainable, only disadvantage is that it doesn't permanently remove the threat of non-Extra Deck monsters. But I'll definitely playtest it.

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