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Shooting Gusto?


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If you know me, you know I absolutely adore Gusto. I want them to make them higher than...what, Tier 3?

So far, while testing an idea for a loop OTK (using Sphreeze, Battle Mania and Azure Priestess) I managed to get out a lvl 5 synchro, formula, and I had the materials for another level 5 synchro. But the nontuner I had wasn't Gusto, so no Falcos for me. So I thought "...If I had packed Armory Arm, I could have gotten SQD

And btw, this was all in one turn.

Without further ado, I present: Shooting Gusto

Spams Synchros by monster spam from deck/grave


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Surprising, isn't it?

Lighning Vortex helps discard monsters to grave, where I can revive them, or discard Grif so I can ss one.

But I might make it @1 for Trap Dustshoot

as for Damage Gate, it's an easy way to bring out monsters from the deck.

Pot of Duality would basically slow this deck down to a still, wouldn't it, considering it special summons every other turn, at least?

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