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Shadow Thief

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Shadow Thief
Level 5
Dark. Warrior/Effect
Once per turn you may reduce this cards ATK to 0 until the End Phase. If you do it may attack directly. If this card Direct Attacks the opponent you may look at the top 2 card of their deck. Activate the following effect depending on the type of cards revealed.
- Monster: Send the revealed card to the Graveyard; inflict 300 damage x the level of the Monster to the opponent.
- Spell: Send the revealed card to the Graveyard; you gain 1000 Life Points. If the card is an Equip card you may Equip it to a Monster on the field (the target must be legal).
- Trap: Set the revealed card on the opponents field (If you cannot, add it to their hand instead); you take 1000 damage.
ATK: 1600 DEF:1200

Random idea that poped in my head while having a block on more cards for my Archetype.

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