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Les Femmes Fatales

Tiger Tracks

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Shard inspired me to make them.

...and I now feel dirty for saying that

[u][b]Monsters: 19[/b][/u]
01 Sangan
01 Glow-up Bulb
01 Black Luster Soldier
02 Thuner King Rai-Oh
02 Chaos Sorcerer
02 Effect Veiler
02 Fortune Lady Water
02 Fortune Lady Dark
03 Fortune Lady Light
03 Tour Guide from the Underworld

[u][b]Spells; 13[/b][/u]
01 One for One
01 Heavy Storm
01 Book of Moon
01 Creature Swap
01 Monster Reborn
02 Gold Sarcophagus
03 Mystical Space Typhoon
03 Fortune's Future

[u][b]Traps: 08[/b][/u]
02 Skull Lair
02 Solemn Warning
01 Deck Devastation Virus
01 Solemn Judgment
01 Torrential Tribute
01 Trap Dustshoot

[u][b]Extra: 15[/b][/u]
01 Trishula
01 Scrap Dragon
01 Black Rose Dragon
01 Arcanite Magician
01 Brionac
01 Catastor
01 Armory Arm
01 Formula Synchron
01 Volcasaurus
01 Utopia
01 Daigusto Emeral
01 Lavalval Chain
01 Leviathen
01 Leviair
01 Zenmaines

I realized that I don't have Dark Hole in here while I typed this. So I need to find room for Dark Hole and Foolish Burial. And I'm wondering if an Effect Veiler should be replaced with Maxx "C".

Ok YCM, do your thing and ignore me!

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