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The Vertical Bop [ First (and terrible) Vertical Tag ]

Lunar Origins

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Text is only really bad because of font choice. A much more minimalist, san serif and less blocky font would have worked better. Then, add other tiny bits of writing in other fonts (just like write complete and utter nonsense on a really, really small size, so it looks like a barcode or something) so you a much more filled tag. The effects at the bottom of the tag are pretty sexy, and spreading that to the rest of the tag sounds good. And the vertical lines don't work because of the awkward style clash.

And, yeah, monotone. I'd love to see some red and blue just splashed into this. Orange/pink and also purple are rather muted colours. Switching it so you stay in primary colours really works, especially here. You lose the almost bubblegum feel from the orange and purple and get a much more vibrant colour palette.

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oooohhhhhhh sheeeeeet son.
Daz hot.

Lots of amateurish issues.
Literally none of the basics are apparent in the tag, butt f*** it.

You say it's your first vert, but idk who the f*** you are i'm going to assume you've been in a hole and/or faggoting around in the other sections.
A general tip: People who point out problems with monotony simply do not know how to correctly cnc and look for the obvious issues.

Your biggest problem is that of many beginners, you do not have a consistent style.
[b]90%[/b] of the artists here struggle with the same problem.

All in all, I actually quite like this piece.
Best vert i've seen in this section for quite a while actually.

i'd like to see you stick around and improve.

[b]EDIT: [/b]V2 made me drop my s***. well done.

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Wait, really? I... uhh...

I'm going to have to thank Reaction for this one, then. I saw his vertical tag, said "Oh, that looks neat, I think I'll try doing something like that" and just went.

I really don't have a consistent style because I just experiment way too much, and I'm never comfortable with what I do. I'm always worried about how others would view my work. Could you maybe point me in the right direction so I could 'learn' some of basics, as you said I'm lacking?

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If I went in to full detail of everything you could improve on, I would simply be typing for quite a long time.
However I could give you an assignment, this is something I sometimes do to help other improve when they need it.

What I would suggest doing is starting with average dimensions, i.e: 400 x 150 (you want to keep it small because you still need to figure out how to optimize the additions that your craft into the space you are working with).
Picking a render/stock that you find interesting, and then just have fun with it.
Do not worry about any of the basics, or about how others will view it.

If you're going to get into this craft you should do it to only please yourself and no one else.

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