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Blue-Eyes493's Recolor and Template Design store(Lock Please)


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Rules- 1. I will possibly add more items in the future.
2. No complicated colors please.
3. If I can't put in the color you asked for, I will ask you to pick another one.
4. The more buyers I have, the sooner I can get rid of rule 2 and make rule 1 a reality.

Fee- 1. All items are 1 point.
Fee Rules- 1. I might increase or decrease the fee based on how many buyers I get.

Request List:

Ban List:
Ban list rules- 1. Three breakings of the rules and you are added here.
2. If you are here, you can't purchase from my shop anymore.

Application Forms:
For Recolor
1. Username-
2. What color-
3. When are you willing to pay me-
4. Show Card-

For Template
1. Username-
2. What color-
3. What Example-
4.. When are you willing to pay me-
5. Show Card-

Recolor Example:

Template Designs:

1.Example 1-[img]http://i42.tinypic.com/bhhpqb.jpg[/img]

Comments- 1. Please post one or more comments so I will know how I am doing.
2. Please, no unnecessary comments.

Concerns- 1. If you have any concerns, please p.m. me.
2. I will try to fix them if I can.
3. Please, no complicated, cruel, or unnecessary concerns.

Questions- 1. Please p.m. me if you have any questions.
2. I will try to answer them as soon as I can.
3. Please, no complicated or unnecessary questions.

Other Rules- 1. Please pay me as soon as you can.

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I try my best. I locked all my other shops. Maybe it is simple, but I still need to get used to graphic designs. Now, do you want to buy something? Plus, at least this one qualifies for a shop.

[quote name='sgrug4' timestamp='1321418296' post='5645767']
Is it me? or are the stars hexagons? the attribute too?
And blue-eyes!! all your shops are like rly rly simple =(
This is not as simple as you may think.

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