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Probably Doing it Somewhat Wrong

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-3 Alexandrite
-3 Garnet
-3 Sapphire (if you want it, -2 of them)
-1 Crystal
-3 Thunder Dragon
-1 Return from the Different Dimension
-2 DDR

+3 Amber
+3 Iolite (or 2 if you want Sapphire)
+3 Sanyx
+3 Gemini Spark
+2 Supervise
+1 Hand Destruction

go Gemini Engine bro

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[quote name='ZeroChill' timestamp='1321558464' post='5648902']
Thunder Dragon can be good for the deck, but I don't like the card. It's preference if you want it. In that case:

-3 Turtle
+3 Thunder Dragon

Turtle's pretty bad.

I like Turtle, tbh.

I'll carry out further testing with the deck as it is, first. Then see what I think, but I like the security factor Turtle generally brings.

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I've never Saphire's and Iolite's fusions so I'm not really sure they're worth running. Maybe the one the bounces cards with Tablet Fusion to set up for an OTK, but you're not running that.

I don't think three Gem-Turtles are necessary. One, maybe two should be all you need. I didn't like Summoner Monk, it never accomplished much. The Shells seem pointless. It's best use, imo, is to use it with Snipe Hunter or PWWB that Gks sometime tech. If you're just using it to make Big Eye I think it'd be better to just use something else for consistency.

Oh Definately:
-1 Big Eye/Emeral
+1 Lavaval Chain

A Gem Turtle that's always in your hand is a good thing

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