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I was just really bored...

Ieyasu Tokugawa

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Chain Link Magician
When a card effect is activated: You can activate this card's effect as the next highest Chain Link, regardless of Spell Speed (you can only use this effect once per Chain Link).
1800 ATK/1200 DEF

Yea that's right, it literally does nothing except increase the Chain Link. It is a completely random idea. Should I expand?

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[quote name='seattleite' timestamp='1321567657' post='5649218']
I could be totally wrong about this, but maybe you should make the effect mandatory in case there's some Missing the Timing issues (if they pay a cost for that card, that might be the last thing activated?) But i'm not an expert on missing the timing.

Anyways, yes, you should expand this :)
Paying the cost is activating the card, then this chains to it. I'm pretty sure it works.

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