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I failed


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Not bad, the image for X burner is a little distorted and the picture for Saber is a bit pixelated. There are a lot of OCG errors for example:

[quote name='Saber']Saber gains 1200 attack for every trap and spell card. Can deactivate the enemy's trap and spells once on the field.[/quote]

should be:

[quote name='Saber']As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all effects of your opponent's spell or trap cards are negated. Increase this card's ATK by 1200 points for every spell and trap card on the field.[/quote]

Tsuna is like this:

[quote name='Tsuna']For every mafia monster on the field this card 500 attack or can destroy the enemy's trap and spell card.[/quote]

...when it should be:

[quote name='Tsuna']When this card is tribute summoned, destroy one spell or trap card on the opponent's side of the field. Increase this card's ATK by 500 points for every Mafia-type monster face-up on the field. [/quote]

I suggest before writing the effects that you take a look at existing Yu-Gi-Oh! cards with similar effects that you intend for your card and draw influence from that. Take Jinzo for example, Jinzo has an effect that negates the effects of trap cards, similar to Saber.


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