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Some "Mystical Knight of Jackal" expansion.


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Jackal is a usable like hell but unplayable except maybe as an awkward T.G. tech. Still, Caius is better.

Priestess is broken. I'm sorry, more than broken. With Ultimate Offering, it's basically a free Brionac with even more abusable effects. Milling? Really? Mill tons of monsters, get out whatever boss monster or have Glow-Up, Spore, Zephyrus or whatever in the Graveyard. :S

Then you go OTK. Yeah.

Prince, well, Safe Zone is much better.

Horus is terrible. If Zombies lose because of its effect, there's something wrong. It'll be run over or something before you even get it going properly. Besides, Zombies don't rely on their draws as much, especially since Lavalval Chain has basically become a massive searcher for them.

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