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[color=#000000]Digimon Weapons And Reconnaissance Vehicles Emergency Squad[/color]

[color=#000000]March 29, 2616. 2:26am[/color]

[color=#000000]Arachnimon was getting more and more restless as time passed. She never [i]did[/i] liked being caged here in the DWARVES Headquarters. In truth, coming back here all the time only gave her a stronger desire to be rid of her dreaded Assimilator. That would be the [i]first[/i] stage of freedom. The next would be to kill anyone that even [i]dare[/i] to try their hand at recapturing her.[/color]

[color=#000000]Right now, the only thing Arachnimon could look forward was the occasional visit from Astamon. He would always waltz right into HQ, whether it be just because he could, or because there was something that he was actually after. But he'd almost always had time to spare to see how Arachnimon was doing, and perhaps drop in a word or two of encouragement.[/color]

[color=#800000]"I've been researching these Digimon Neurological Assimilators,"[/color][color=#000000] Astamon broke the ice, causing Arachnimon to look up and see that he was at the door the whole time, [/color][color=#800000]"Turns out all we need to do is flip a few switches and stuff, and you'd be all set to go,"[/color]

[color=#800080]"Well if it [i]that [/i]easy, then why was I stuck here all this time?!"[/color][color=#000000] Arachnimon asked spitefully.[/color]

[color=#800000]"You try reading this human literature!" [/color][color=#000000]Astamon spat back, [/color][color=#800000]"This is probably more of a mess than that of a being that can't actually write. Anyway, I need a test subject to take with me for today,"[/color]

[color=#800080]"They should be over there,"[/color][color=#000000] Arachnimon said after a brief sigh, before pointing to a nearby table with her tail. On this table were the Assimilated Digimon that were meant to be given away, apparently to a group of civilians that had signed up to the DWARVES' experimental project. Astamon had picked up one of these Digimon by the scruff of the neck, before placing a much more useless once in its previous position... and then leaving the facility again. It would be a long time before anyone would notice.[/color]

[color=#000000]March 29, 2616. 9:12am[/color]

[color=#000000]General Etan Hamachi had just returned from an early morning mission, only to see that the participants of this project had already arrived at HQ. Arachnimon wasn't there by his side this time; she didn't want to go since she felt she already [i]knew[/i] the outcome before they even set out to actually [i]perform[/i] the mission. Perhaps they did it so many times before.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DWARVES Headquarters,"[/color][color=#000000] Gnrl. Hamachi lectured, [/color][color=#ff8c00]"Now, as I'm sure you're all aware, you're here because you've volunteered to participate in an experimental... test, if you will, and if you value your lives, I suggest you don't screw up. This [i]is[/i] a military operation after all. I, General Etan Hamachi, will be overseeing this event, and I'll be the one to save your sorry asses if this whole thing goes to hell. Any questions?"[/color]

[color=#ee82ee]"So... what exactly are we meant to do, anyway?"[/color][color=#000000] Aiya Kutomika was the first to ask a question.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]"We've predicted an enemy Digimon to arrive at Fukushima around about 1100hrs,"[/color][color=#000000] Gnrl. Hamachi replied, [/color][color=#ff8c00]"[i]These[/i] guys will be fighting off this threat, and [i]you[/i] will be telling them how to fight. You may choose whichever one you want, but they're to be treated as wild animals at all times. They've all been fitted with Digimon Neurological Assimilators,"[/color]

[color=#ee82ee]"And what do [i]they[/i] do?"[/color][color=#000000] Aiya asked again.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]"Makes them less aggressive and violent towards pretty girls like you,"[/color][color=#000000] Gnrl. Hamachi snickered. Feeling awkward about the response, Aiya moved to the table to select her Digimon, and all but fell in love when she saw a trio of cute Digimon, an Elecmon, a Poromon and a Terriermon. Eventually, she decided on the latter, seeing that it was the most rabbit-like.[/color]

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Kibuto listened to Gnrl. Hamachi carefully, but then realized that one thing he said doesn't make sense. Why did he have to treat the Digimon as wild animals at all times? They're not animals at all. They're not even real creatures for that matter. They are still innocent creatures in their early levels, so why would they be treated like wild animals to begin with? He stroked his chin as he looked at Aiya making her choice. He then quickly snapped his head back to Gnrl. Hamachi. "Um, why must we treat them as wild animals [i]at all[/i]?" he asked. "The creatures here are all innocent; the others are just taught how to be evil. They don't know any better than the criminals that rob banks and commit murder here in the real world. Honestly, treating them as wild animals is the wrong thing to do. It's my opinion, so there isn't any reason to get annoyed over what I have to say."

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Kazuya stood leaning back lazily as Gnrl talked not listening to much of the conversation until they mentioned a predicted digimon attack at fukushima, staying still as Aiya went up and chose the terriermon. As Kazuya walked forwards to choose his he heard Kibuto asking why the digimon should be treated as wild animals, Kazuya then chose the elecmon as his partner lifting him up and taking him back near where he had stood, Leo protesting being held and within a few seconds got out from Kazuya's hands. "[color=#006400]Taught to be evil..? wouldn't it more likely be confusion at this world causing them to become aggressive towards others..?[/color]" Kazuya said before the elecmon interrupted him, "[color=#ff8c00]Some are evil... wanting to kill..[/color]" Leo then said in a sincere tone similar to that of one attending a funeral as he sat down next to Kazuya who seemed confused about how the elecmon would know about others if the military had it here waiting for them, not having heard much of it's history in the unit.


Drako moved through an alleyway in a city seeing a large amount of cars and other such vehicles moving, most likely off to work however Drako merely saw them as distractions. "[i][color=#ff0000]I wonder if there are any others like me in this city...[/color][/i]" she thought to herself as she backed up slightly getting ready to run. "[i][color=#ff0000]I guess I'll find out after getting some food[/color][/i]" she then though to herself as her stomach rumbled as she began to sprint her speed stopping her from being seen properly by humans due to the other distractions such as cars whilst she ran across the sidewalk jumped and ran across the cars and continued towards where she had been stealing food for the last week.

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Kibuto listened to what Kazuya was saying including what the Elecmon said. Suddenly he squinted his eyes as they turned purple, and then said in a completely different, but very raspy, voice to the Elecmon, "[color=#800080]I beg to differ...[/color]" His eyes then returned normal as he turned his head away. "Sorry. I have some split personality issues every now and then. Honestly, I wish I never had it to begin with." He then had some split second flashbacks of when his parents died. What was missing was the look of the Rogue Digimon who had done it. A tear then began to run down Kibuto's right cheek as he wiped it off. He then looked at the Digimon he was able to choose from. He turned to Gnrl. Hamachi and said, "None of the Digimon here are any of which that I would choose."

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[color=#ff8c00]"God damn it,"[/color][color=#000000] Gnrl. Hamachi said after a brief sigh, before turning to Kibuto, [/color][color=#ff8c00]"Look kid, we still don't know how these Digimon are gonna react to us humans barking orders at them, even [i]with[/i] these Assimilators inside them. Whatever you do, just keep an eye on the one you've chosen... and don't provoke it, Ms. Aiya Kutomika!"[/color]

[color="#000000"]As Gnrl. Hamachi said those last few words, he turned just in time to stop Aiya from squishing Terriermon to death. Aiya yelped in recoil, bumping into someone behind her by accident. Terriermon, however, had dropped to the ground.[/color]

[color=#ee82ee]"Sorry,"[/color][color=#000000] she told the person who she bumped into, before saying the same thing to Gnrl. Hamachi.[/color]


[color=#000000]Astamon retreated to an abandoned warehouse in Tokyo, before placing the Assimilated Digimon he had in his hand down and setting to work on trying to remove the Assimilator from it. The Assimilated Digimon, a Geckomon, had other ideas.[/color]

[color=#000080]"Y'know, I'm kinda getting used to this Assimilator,"[/color][color=#000000] the Geckomon stated.[/color]

[color=#800000]"Good!" [/color][color=#000000]Astamon retorted, [/color][color=#800000]"It'll give you something to miss."[/color]

[color=#000080]"Well, sure!"[/color][color=#000000] Geckmon goaded, [/color][color=#000080]"If the humans were smart, they would've put some counter-measures for just such an occasion. Who knows? The Assimilator might blow up in your face and take me down with it!"[/color]

[color="#000000"]With that, Astamon gave the poor Digimon a swift, but powerful kick to the face, which sent to soaring to the nearby wall, before it collided with it and fell unconscious. Knife at hand, Astamon kneeled down and set to work on removing the Assimilator.[/color]

[color=#800000]"If that thing [i]doesn't[/i] blow up in your face, I'll kill you myself,"[/color][color=#000000] he muttered.[/color]


[color=#40e0d0]"So why did you choose me, anyway?"[/color][color=#000000] Terriermon asked.[/color]

[color=#ee82ee]"You can talk?!"[/color][color=#000000] Aiya exclaimed, [/color][color=#ee82ee]"Wow, that is so cool! Can I hug you again? Pleeeeease..."[/color]

[color=#40e0d0]"Not really,"[/color][color=#000000] Terriermon replied hesitantly, [/color][color=#40e0d0]"Considering you almost squashed me to death last time,"[/color]

[color=#ee82ee]"Aww, no fair," [/color][color="#000000"]Aiya pouted, [/color][color=#ee82ee]"I bet that cute little birdie wouldn't mind a hug."[/color]

[color=#ff8c00][i]'Birdie?'[/i][/color][color=#000000] overhearing Aiya's complaint made Gnrl. Hamachi look over at the table of Digimon, only to note that Poromon was there rather than the Geckomon that was meant to be there, [/color][color=#ff8c00][i]'You gotta be f***ing with me!'[/i][/color]

[color=#000000]Gnrl. Hamachi was saving that Geckomon specifically for Maj. Yochimujina, and if she was to come back from the morning mission only to be left with that lousy Poromon, she would likely be pissed. Fortunately, Gnrl. Hamachi had found a way to perhaps have the Poromon assigned to someone else, courtesy of Kibuto refusing to pick a Digimon.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]"Well then, if you don't choose a Digimon within 5 seconds, I'll assign one for you,"[/color][color=#000000] the General told him curtly.[/color]

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OoC: Please tell me a small twist will happen in which connects to Flamemon's bio?

"With the right Digimon as your partner, anything can be accomplished." began Kibuto. "If you want to keep thinking that none of us can ever bond with Digimon, that's up to you, but you shouldn't be allowed to force us into treating Digimon as beasts. That's inhumane, even for you." He then listened to Hamachi again, replying, "Unless there is one Digimon in this entire place that somehow has my DNA sequence, then there is no reason for me to be here any longer." He then turned around and began to walk away. But he stopped in his tracks. "Oh, one more thing..." He then turned his head sharply to fave Hamachi, his eyes purple again. "[color=#800080]If you ever call me kid again, it might cost you your life, old man![/color]"

Ooc: If you have me kicked out of DWARVES, let's hope that Kibuto's DNA on Flamemon will mean something.

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Jinsei had been pleased when he learned that the DWARVES meeting was happening in a cozy little lecture room. Not, so much, because there were plenty of comfy chairs that he could sit in if he needed to- but rather because there was a rather significant space [i]behind [/i]them where he could take a nice nap on the nice carpet floor, while still technically being in attendance. A brilliant move, if he said so himself- by hugging the wall juuuust right, nobody even noticed as he caught a couple extra 'z's on military time. Plus, nobody could be mad at him for disregarding orders- they never said [i]how [/i]he was supposed to attend the meeting?

Of course, sleeping could be construed as unprofessional, but that was a minor detail. Jinsei didn't like giving off the implication of being professional anyway- it gave off the wrong impression. Better to stick to the back and nap, of course. Teach the others what they could usually expect from him- it was the only logical option.

It was also the only option that allowed him to possibly keep the job while also not being awake... though that backfired somewhat. Hamachi was loud, and without anything more comfortable than a carpeted floor, he was forced by proximity to actually hear what was being said. Even worse, they were doing something potentially significant for actually getting the job, meaning he should probably get up before they forgot he existed.


The general's speech was standard. 'Wild animals', 'Don't screw around,' 'I'm a big bad military man', blah blah blah freakin' blah. He'd heard the same thing from his scoutleader over a decade ago- coincidentally, [i]another [/i]meeting he'd almost slept through. He caught the information about DNA's (a cute acronym he was almost surprised when nobody pointed it out) and filed it under the 'Possibly Worth Remembering' folder of his brain.

His team mates seemed boring. Well, aside from the one that was suffering from some sort of comically overblown Hyde syndrome in any case- he thought he caught a tear rolling down that one's cheek, followed by him blowing up at the general for no particular reason after starting to walk out of the office. He chuckled a little to himself -maybe he wasn't military grade either, but that kid had apparently never heard of Chain of Command in his life. Or basic respect. Or Not-Melodrama.

He raised his hand, which must have looked funny from anyone looking out from the chairs. After a few painstaking seconds, he eventually drew himself into a sitting posture and smiled a little.

"Hey there," he said with a little wave. "I couldn't happen but notice you have three digimon here, and more than three recruits. My math's not perfect -nah, I kid, it totally is- but that doesn't really add up."

Then again, if Mr.Melodrama left, that might make it equal. The look on the puffball's face looked appealing. It looked useless. Perfect for him- he didn't want to have to do any work.

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[color=#ff8c00]"I don't know what the f***'s wrong with you all of a sudden, but it is NOT wise of you to talk to a superior officer like that!"[/color][color=#000000] Gnrl. Hamachi scolded at the kid, surprisingly not intimated by the death threat, [/color][color=#ff8c00]"You should know better than that at your age!"[/color]

[color="#000000"]Now that that was dealt with... sort of, Gnrl. Hamachi focused his attention on addressing the next problem: the lack of Digimon available at the moment, as pointed out by Jinsei. Strange how someone as lazy as [i]him[/i] would bother with such crucial observation. [/color]

[color=#ff8c00]"Huh... looks like someone screwed up,"[/color][color=#000000] [/color][color=#000000]he muttered to himself, before turning to the others, [/color][color=#ff8c00]"I assume you'll be fine talking amongst yourselves, while I go sort something out with some of our colleagues?"[/color]

[color=#000000]Without waiting for an answer, Gnrl. Hamachi left the guys there in the main lobby, before walking into the containment area to rendezvous with the lead scientist. If anyone knew what was going on, it would be her.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]"There were meant to be another two Digimon out there!"[/color][color=#000000] [/color][color=#000000]Gnrl. Hamachi exclaimed, [/color][color=#ff8c00]"And what the hell happened to Geckomon? He was meant to be on that table with the others, and now of a sudden there's this Poromon there."[/color]

[color=#000000]"That same one we've been trying to get Digivolved?" the scientist asked, "I'm so sorry, I... Flamemon's just getting his Assimilator on now, and we completely forgot about Gazimon."[/color]

[color="#000000"]Gnrl. Hamachi face-palmed himself in response to those last few words, followed by muttering the word 'idiots'.[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]"Send them in,"[/color][color="#000000"] he ordered.[/color]

[color=#000000]"Roger that," the scientist replied, setting Flamemon and Gazimon up so that they'd be transport to the table with the others, "Should I look into what happened with Geckomon while I'm at it?"[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]"Yeah, do that,"[/color][color=#000000] Gnrl. Hamachi looked at his watch as he said this, [/color][color=#ff8c00]"I suppose I might as well get these kids to the helicopter..."[/color]

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