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Water Based Rescue Rabbit

Tiger Tracks

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[u][b]Monsters: 18[/b][/u]
01 Sangan
02 Maxx "C"
02 Rescue Rabbit
03 Deep Sea Diva
03 Hydrogeddon
03 Tour Guide
03 Kabazauls
01 Lost Blue

[u][b]Spells: 14[/b][/u]
02 Fossil Dig
03 Moray of Greed
03 Mystical Space Typhoon
03 Enemy Controller
01 Pot of Avarice
01 Heavy Storm
01 Dark Hole

[u][b]Traps: 08[/b][/u]
01 Transmigration
01 Torrential Tribute
01 Solemn Judgment
02 Solemn Warning
03 Dimensioanl Prison

[u][b]Extra: 15[/b][/u]
01 Brionac
01 Catastor
01 Gaia Knight
01 Magical Android

01 Leviair
01 Gachi Gachi
01 No. 39: Utopia
01 Daigusto Emeral
01 Gem-Knight Pearl
01 No. 17: Leviathen
01 Wind-Up Zenmaines
01 Evolzar Dolkka
02 Evlozar Laggia

01 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

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It's been going well. I've gotten a single hand of triple kabazauls, but bad hands are bound to happen.

So outside that one game my Rabbits have never been dead. When I've drawn the second I could either recycle targets or had the game. The only downside is that I can't make Leviair to Rabbit plays as often as I'd like.

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