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New Fairy Set!! (RATE RATE!!)


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this is my fairy set i hope u like it



all photos were takin from here






effect of "Fairy from space" - When played all fairy type monsters are put in defence mode. After every main phase this card gain 300 DEF.

• If destroyed by a trap card this card is removed from play, and you gain 500 Life points

• If this card is destroyed by a Spell card then this card is sent to the graveyard, and you may pick up one more card

• If this card is destroyed as a result of battle, it is removed from play, you gain 1000 Life points and you opponent losses 500 Life points.



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I like them^^ i used some of the pictures for my set but its ok when you used it too.

I rate them 8/10


Greetz' date='





ty.. and about me using the same photos.... lol its kinda wierd but i would have known that u used them i cant like read minds... and i havnt seen ur post if u posted them

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