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Sword + Superpowers

Admiral Tim


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.[u]If these are Random, I can give you a idea[/u][list]
[*][b]Karrious, Swordman of Destruction [/b](Sword:) Swift Judgement of the Deathbringer (Effect:) Destroy any creature in one sweep
[*][b]Swiftsorrow, Mourner of the Passed [/b](Sword:) Mourner's Cry (Effect:) immobilize the target of your blade
[*][b]Swordman Karin, Warrior of Justice [/b] (Sword:) Honor Bound Blade of the Light (Effect:) Takes control of other creatures.
I don't wanna give too many ideas away but I hope that helps.
-From a knight finatic, Domriv99

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