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The Shadow Realm Stories


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This is the thread I plan to Write my Fanfics in While the name is “The Shadow Realm Stories” the story is not immediately contained in the Contained in the Shadow Realm. It is also written in a somewhat scripted manner.


Before I add the first chapter I would like to add some info over my "stories".


[spoiler=Elemental Retraining]This story makes use of cards that have been retrained. This is called Elemental Retraining and each monster that has been retrained is part of both an archetype and a specific attribute. The monsters can normally be summoned by normal summon, and can always be Over summoned (See below). An Elemental Retrained monster will have the original monsters name in the type area (Some exceptions are made when the original name is too long in which any monster that shares the phrase can be applied). Further note any retrained monster retains the original name while on the field.



[spoiler=Elemental Over Summons]This story Makes use of a new mechanic called Elemental Over Summoning (Or Over Summon for short). An Over summon is considered a special summon. It is performed by overlaying the retrained monster over a monster with a monster with the original name (Written in the type area). That is an over summon and when a retrained monster is over summoned they may get a beneficial effect (other than getting to special summon them for no reason).



[spoiler=Extra Deck monsters and Over Summons]Extra deck monsters can be over summoned with a monster of the same original name Just like any other this. However If you successfully Sychro/Fusion summon that monster you may over lay it over the original monster and treat is as both the original summon type as well as an over summon.



[spoiler=Eternity Monsters]Eternity monster are another new type of monster which require their own version of an Over Summon (Called an Eternity summon See Below) You must Over lay the Eternity monster over 1 or more Elemental over summed monsters of the same archetype. You can use any number of monster unless the number would exceed the level of the monster itself. Eternity monsters can be hard to remove from the field and There are only 6 in existence (Two of which share the same name.)



[spoiler=Non-cannon Shadow Realm Entry]This story plays with the shadow realm as a plot device



[spoiler=Finishing Notes]That sums up everything so far these will be updated as the story unfolds.




Please do not Reply to this page. If you wish to comment send me a message and I will post one or two (assuming I even get one or two lol) With each chapter or edit the last one to include it.




[spoiler=????]A mystirious Figure residing in the abyss that is the Darkness



[spoiler=Night Shroud]The very same who faced Judai (Jaden)



[spoiler=Taka]The main character of the story and a person who has endured an eternal life of solituded



[spoiler=Austia]A non-descript character



Stay Tuned as I post Chapter 1 Part 1. Oh and don't hesitate to tell me what I should do about my writing if you find something off.(through pm of course).


Shadow Realm Stories: Chapter 1 - Part 1


Hmm... so your plan to relieve humanity of it's suffering has failed yet again Night Shroud” A Dark figure stated standing in what appeared to be the unending abyss of Darkness.


Night Shroud stared blankly for a while, as if he wasn't phased by his failure, before replying “We've been in a stalemate for a long while I have failed time and time again, you do nothing”, “Yet I know not your plans, nor do I know name, you share nothing, and you do nothing. He paused as if for a dramatic effect “What right do you have to judge me...”.


The Figure grew a smile, something of which Night Shroud had never seen, his grin continued to grow as he spoke “My plan is to use humanity as its own downfall”


Night Shroud cut in “I've tried that and failed”, but the figure retorted “No, you manipulated and controlled a human, but I will simply set one loose on them and have my fun”.


Night Shroud's blank stare cleared immediately as a testament to his curiosity “I suppose you have someone in mind”?


Indeed I do.”


Then what were you waiting for”?


Your latest failure of course”.


The Figure approached Night Shroud walking over the abyss that was their surroundings continuing “The person I have chosen is someone abandoned by humanity to live in an eternal abyss much like us though his abyss has a different name”.


The Shadow Realm” Night Shroud finished.


Taka was a stoic individual. Back in the mortal realm he was killed by a Ka summoned through an attempt at magic. Unlike those who lost Shadow Duels or whom were sentenced he through judgment he a others with similar cases lived he in not eternal suffering, but eternal existence in and of itself. They were not just bored or in pain, but neither were they fulfilled and happy. For Taka the only semblance of humanity remaining within him was his interactions with those around him. He was one of the first humans to end up in the Shadow realm outside the norm and had no one to help him remain sane, though he had his rational remain. Through Duel monsters he was able to regain some of his sanity it offered a change from his dreary existence.


Thinking back he didn't remember when these cards came to be in this world but he remembered that they weren't always here. Soon after their arrival they he recalled a Cloaked man offering a chance or the unjustly imprisoned to escape the Shadow Realm, but at a terrible price.


Taka was dueling his friend Austia, as per the norm of his day, winning of course, but only by a little this time.


Turn 7 – Taka's Turn


I discard a card to summon The Tricky, and tune him with my Junk Synchron to Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon”. “Stardust Dragon will attack your Mucus Yolk”.


Austia's Life Points: 1300 – 1500 = 0 Taka's Life Points: 1000


Austia let out a sigh of relief “One more attack and I would have won, but you drew The Tricky”. “Didn't you notice the card I discarded” Taka gestured. A scowl appeared over Austia's face as he noticed a lightning vortex on the top of Taka's graveyard. “So you would have won regardless of what you drew”, “Yes but I didn't know your hand”.


Austia's expression became some what solemn as he asked “Do you intend to join the next Ever Dark Tournament”?




Why not”?


I am not ready to risk it all, even if my freedom is at stake”.


I see your point” Austia agreed “Same time tomorrow”?


Sure thing I suppose” Taka said bleakly.


Taka began his normal route to his home, but today a familiar Figure stood in his path. Taka immediately recognized it. “You are the Tournament Orchestrator”. The Figure stood motionlessly “I am”.


Then you should know I am not entering the tournament this year”.


I do not care about that, I am here to make you an offer”.

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