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Isles of Exsilium - Part 1


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Welcome to the Isle's of Exsilium! Have not heard of it? Completely normal! This Isle is for "Special" citizens, and we even hid it from the rest of the world for you! You can relax, sit back and chat with your friends, and even go for a dive in the ocean but remember... You must Never.... EVER... Leave...

Exsilium means "Exiled" or the "Exiled Ones", and on this island, many Citizens have been taken from their villages for Magical traits running through their veins. From Necromancers, Battle Priests, to Arcane Mages, this Isle has everything. It even has magical Cuffs to channel the magic. You have lived here for years, so long, it's hard to recall, and out of everyone, only you few "Special" Citizens remember what happened. You want out, and now you know about the magic in your blood, there is nothing stopping you. The guards are rude, even cruel at points, and its time they get what they deserved. Gather your fellow friends who remember what happened, and fight your way to freedom.

(This game is PG-13, and a medieval type game, Magic, Swords, and even runes will be used. If you are interested read the info under this.)

To Join:[list]
[*]Character Name
[*]Short Bio (Max 6 Paragraphs)
[*]Wished Picture of Character (Optional)
[*]Race (Elven, Human, and Dwarven are the main races. You may make your own, but include it in the bio)
[*]Weapon (Do not go too far, for we are in a protected zone. So you will not have a flaming great sword XD)
[*]Real Account Name (For messages and Contact)
[*]Magic Blood Type (For Example: Arcane Mage, Necromancer, Battle Priest, Paladin, and ext... Anything Magical... Warriors are fine, but they must have magical abilities.)
[*]Choose Professionx3 (Cooking, Forging/Blacksmith, Tailoring, Physical Fitness Trainer, Guard, Lockmaker)
Some of these Professions seem pointless, but some of them will have unthought benefits. As a Fistnes trainer you are in good shape, and can help your entire team whip into shape as well. You can preform feats otherwise unpossible by your allies, such as jump a unseemingly long jump, or climbing a mountain or swimming swiftly. Guards are trained in fighting, and even protecting their fellow members. You need to eat, and a Cook is a good ally to have. If your armor is dented, call the Blacksmith, or if your clothing is ripped, call a Tailor. Last but not least, the Lock Maker. As a lockmaker you have screwed up many times, and sometimes had to remove the lock. Lockpicking is a good skill to have, for who knows what secret locked up item you might find?

For home-made races (See above) please show me the race first. Having a race like a "God" who is immortal isn't a good rp choice, and will ruin the game. Since the Isles are for Citizens, if you chose something like "Dragonborn" make sure to add a story of why he was sent there.

Please post your Bio and Info when you are done :) Thanks.

*Rp Start- We will start in our quarters, and then meet outside near the Blacksmith Shop.*

Current Members:
Ecarriom Willivind (Domriv99)


[b]Minimum Post Length[/b] – Each standard IC post should have the equivalent of at least [b]4 lines of text[/b]. However, a good post should have around one to two paragraphs with proper English spelling and grammar, and should have enough material for other RPers to expand and elaborate on in their own posts. (As a rule of thumb, 4 unbroken lines of text on YCM at standard size and font is roughly 100 words.)

[b]Dialogue[/b] – Dialogue should be done in one of two ways; in quotation marks or in speech lines. [b]Script format is prohibited[/b], because it doesn’t allow as much description and is dull overall.

[b]Expies[/b] – Copy-paste characters from either separate RPs or from already existing franchises, with only minor detail changes, are frowned upon. This doesn’t allow true “evolution” as a unique character.

[u][u][b]Domriv99's Info:[/b][/u][/u]
Name: Ecarriom Willivind
Account: Domriv99

Race: Human

Weapon: Rusty Short Sword

Magic Blood Type: Battle-Mage

Professions(3): Cooking, Guard, Physical Fitness Trainer

Ecarriom Willivind grew up in a small town, with very few people and friends. Always the odd one out, he never quite understood what made him different. On a chilly Autumn Day, Bullies had followed him home. After being pushed around constantly, Ecarriom Exploded with Anger and blacked out. He never remembered what happened after his anger took over, but the next day, the boys were badly burned on their body, and continued to give him dirty looks. Soon after, his family started to fall into the cracks. His mother left, his father became depressed, and after a few years of pain, a warrior approached their village.
The Warrior looked at Ecarriom Thoughtfully, and smiled, "Hey there, what do you want to be when you grow up? A strong little boy like you would make a good warrior some day... Do-"
Ecarriom gave him an innocent look, and anger grew in his eyes.
"I just.... want.... to be normal..."
The man moved back, as if slapped, and let out a fake smile. He held out his hand, and Ecarriom took it. Soon, they were headed off into the forest, Ecarriom being told he was going to a place with people "Just like Him". Ecarriom was overjoyed, and happily skipped the entire journey to the boat, only to depart with the Man at the ship. He cried out sadly, begging the man to tell them to stop, but he simply stood there, as Ecarriom faded over the ocean, with no clue where he was going.

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My dude likes to get up early, around 3:19 in the morning. So either they go to blacksmith's before that or you guys meet him there.[list]
[*]Character Name: Cripple Timeworker
[*][font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][color=#5a5a5a]Short Bio: Cripple had always been the outcast of his magikal city in sky created by ancients. Only because he had magik. He was able to cast light magik and forge magikal stuff. Everyone payed him good, but soon they threw him out to Exsilium, where he grew up. He practised hard with his magik, but he wanted to go home. He asked one of the guards one day when he could go back, and they just shoved him away with spears. He vowed that someday he would get back to Basilium, the sky city.[/color][/font]
[*]Age: 17
[*]Wished Picture of Character:[url="http://portal.battleon.com/images/avatars/df/j6-125.jpg"]http://portal.battle...s/df/j6-125.jpg[/url] (given from artix.com's avatars)
[*]Race: Humani (Human)
[*]Weapon: Enchanted Paladin Sword.
[*]Real Account Name: Roblixinator
[*]Magic Blood Type: Forging, Paladin
[*]Choose Profession: Magikal Forger

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