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Bladehaven [RPG]


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This takes place after Alden's times in the land of 50 yeas later of the descendents of Alden, and his twin brother that no one knew about. BTW, Bladehaven is a Artix Entertainment minigame, not from EbilGames, but actually in the form of a real game, sort of. Just check it out!



[spoiler=Plot]It is 1201 AD. The Crocodile monsters have gathered their forces from all of Alden to attack Bladehaven. Alden fell when the siege started, though he single-handley took down half of the army of crocodiles. They then conquered it and turned it into a swamp, making all humans found slaves or food. All the others are hidden, not even seen by the regular citizens. But the humans are starting to secretly come together to form a group called the Aldenization, in honor of Alden. So, will you be a powerful Crocodile lord, or a Magical Human with luck on their side? The choice. Is. YOURS!!!

((((Start Game))))



[spoiler=Warrior Ranks][spoiler=Human Ranks]knight Commander

knight Sergeant

knight bannerette

knight errant/bachelor


[spoiler=Crocodile Ranks]Admiral










[spoiler=App]Name:(Something Medieval!)

Age:(Since we are either Mage apprentices or Knight/Crocodiles, dont be stupid! IE:16)(It's MEDIEVAL)

Weapon: (Must be one from game)

Job:( Mage Apprentice, Mage, Bandit, Warrior, Mugger, Blacksmith, Shopkeeper.)

Magic:Smite (Optional: Real and from game! Everyone knows Smite no matter what.)

License: (Need one for magik(Magik Guild), some weapons(Armory ID) and potions(Brewer's Card).)


Rank: (Only for warriors)

Bio: (4+ Lines, please!)

Personality: (2 or more lines!)




[spoiler=My App]Thealden

Age: 17

Weapon: Pirates Blade, Knight Blade, Dagger


Magic: Smite, Heal, Stun, Fire Strike, Ice Strike

Appearance: http://t1.gstatic.co...nvj2GflcWhHN5Hz

License: Magik Guild License, Armory ID, Brewer's Card

Rank: Knight Sergeant

Bio: Thealden was born in Bladehaven and then moved to Gargroyth until he learned that Bladehaven was in trouble when he was 15, He then went back and trained as a Mage until he was 16 when he went to become a Knight. Because of his skill he soon became a Sergeant and got his Armory ID Then trained as a potion brewer until he was 17 and a half, when he got his Brew's card. That's when the crocodiles attacked Bladehaven and got taken over. He's been in hiding ever since.


Personality: Thealden's personality is a mystery. He rarely talks because he's anti social. His granddad is the great Theydariun the Legendary. He was the one who taught him Smite. Thealden is compassionate to his few friends and is very humorous.



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