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Add a lore if you can, nobody likes to read the cards.
Alright...Take out the "effect" part of the card...Saying something is a tuner automatically gives it the right to have an effect or not.
Once you add the lore ill correct OCG.
Oh, and this is extremely easy to get high lvl monsters out with...maybe make the tokens unable to be tributed for a tribute summon?

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It would be more convenient to have all 3 of your cards in the same thread (since they are related).
Also it is really easy to get out high level monsters like this. You could have an earth monster on the field, Special Summon this, and then you can get... just as an example Blue Eyes out on to the field.
I don't really know how to fix that though, but if you post the text below the card I can fix the OCG.

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