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In memory of skippy canoe.


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Yeah you should realize by now my titles make no sense whatsoever.
But I miss the skippster, he helped me get into the whole showcase business and overall was a great guy.


This splice was a b**** to make.
The whole body was scratched and took 45 minutes alone.
The piece as a whole took about 1.5 hours.


If you can tell me the pokemon that were used it would be a big help cause I don't remember s*** when it comes to pokemon.
I know that grovile was one, and the body consisted of the pokemon that evolved from the sloth-type pokemon.

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I miss Skippy as well. ;D The splice needs more Gardevoir(His favourite pokemon. xD)
I can see Vigoroth in the splice.

As for CnC, well the shading could be a bit better(I'm terrible at shading so I couldn't help), and well done on the scratching, looks awesome bro.
Nice work. <3

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Yeah well i wouldn't know what a gardevoir was if I hadn't played that emerald with a cousin during a cross-country trip.
We beat the game with Gardevoir, Alakazam, the big Grovile-looking thing. Was amusing but the grinding was painful at times.
ages: 6(me) + 10(cousin).

Good times, good times....

Cnc plox -.-

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