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DerQuizzler and Flandre present...

Mew 2.0

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Hey guys! Flandre Scarlet and I were thinking of starting an RP, any takers?


[spoiler=General Info]

Rated PG-13 (for now)


Rules: All standard rules apply. Do not join if you wont post at least once every 3 days. Check the bottom of the page before you post, if someone is there participating, wait til they leave. This prevents "ninja-ing" where you post someone the same time some else does, and they contradict each other. make sure your posts are 4 lines long and are as action packed as possible, we want this moving pretty quickly. We go by a 3-stricks rule, don't think you wont be kicked if you violate these.


Plot: For those who don't know, Flatspace is a game where all the planets have been wiped out. Here you have an option; go along with your life as a... whatever you want to be, or become a soldier and fight the apposing race, be it alien or human. If you are a human, you live in space stations and craft, everything is easy-er going (responsibility is still alive). If you are an alien, you have a planetary home-base away from humans, and life is constantly moving due to a military rule. There is rumor of a new planet, one not overrun with Scarrid (the aliens). It is your choice- hunt for the planet alone, with the skills of your trade, or maybe you can manage to form a team, but whatever you do, find it before the other race does, because who ever finds the planet first gains a huge lead in the war that big enough to finally win.





Age: (20+ only)

Race: (Human or Scarrid)

Bio: (4+ Lines)

Occupation: (Examples include Mercenary, Police officer, Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Scavenger, Trader, or Warrior)

Skill: (Choose from Maintenance, Medical, or Security)

Starting Ship ID, Type, and Description: (for ID: 3 letters, then a Dash, then 4 numbers, For Type, it's basically the size, For Description, Big Details about the Ship, like Weapons, Turrets, and Fighter Bays, If you are serving on a ship that doesn't have an NPC Captain, Only ID is needed)





if you want to join, follow this thread and keep an eye out for changes

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