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Chaos Dragonvise


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[quote name='フォトン・ロクサス' timestamp='1321745175' post='5653750']
Don't you think it'd be helpful to have a decklist in a spoiler for people who don't know what cards they are?
You beat me 2-3 times with this deck. -_____-
Yes I did.
Okay... not all that helpful.

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[quote name='Legend Zero' timestamp='1321748305' post='5653927']
Is BLS really needed? It seems like an overkill card in this. (although I've yet to play these guys)

I'm thinknig
-1 BLS
-1 Armory
+1 Ravine
+1 Dustshoot
[/quote]BLS has been a godsend almost every time. Remember this IS still chaos, so it being there is almost a given, and I'm not running Totem or anything (ignore my side deck, it's just a pile of cards) I'm keeping the Armory for Supervise, but I'll get rid of a Reincarnation for either Dustshoot or Ravine. Probably Dustshoot.

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[quote name='フォトン・ロクサス' timestamp='1321748942' post='5653965']
[s]What's the card after Lightpulsar in Side?[/s]
[s]What's the card after Brio in Extra?
What's the card before Scrap Dragon in Extra?[/s]
What's the card after Librarian in Extra?
[/quote]TRIDENT f***ing DRAGION

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[quote name='フォトン・ロクサス' timestamp='1321749849' post='5654000']
Nice deck. If CCV was still legal *dreams* XD Need to make an Anti-^That deck nao, if i can, right after i make my plant synchro xyz. :3 whats with control though? and the koaki meiru drago?
[/quote]Dragons have always been an anti-meta-type deck. Koa'ki Meiru adds a lot of control to this deck. As for mind control... ever taken an opponents monster and banished it to replace it with your own?

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[quote name='フォトン・ロクサス' timestamp='1321750141' post='5654014']
XD ok, but it said only temporary and no attack or trib so i thought what? now i understand. Good job! U should go to a tourney XD
[/quote]Remember also that it CAN be used for Synchro and Xyz symmons.

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[quote name='TheTurtleOnceCalledGod' timestamp='1321754689' post='5654149']
How do you even use that super polymerization effectively in this deck? It would require having [b]FIVE[/b] dragons out at once, true it can anti many dragon synchro's and xyz the opponent may use, or for lulzy mirror matches, but eh, this might just be my inexperience with this deck.
[/quote]I should probably put it in the OP, I know I had it in a response to LZ, but completely ignore the extra deck, it's just there because I was using it as a toolbox to decide what cards I wanted how many of and what not. There are really only like 5-6 cars there that will actually see use and that's Koa'ki Meiru Drago (definitely), Totem, Lightpulsar, Dragon's Miror and Mind Crush. I'll probably put up the full side deck eventually.

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