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Morrigan and Lilith set(Well mostly Morrigan)


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So I decided to mess around with the card maker as soon as I made an account here. I am personally a big fan of fighting games and 1 of my favorite fighting game characters to play as is definitely Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers and various Capcom cross-over titles. Since the whole blank image thing became a problem I decided to upload the cards on PB as an alternative. Hope u like them. :)

[b]About this card: [/b]I got the idea for "Super Counters" to mimmick "Super Meters" from various fighters. Usually Super meter builds whenever you get hit, beat up the other players, etc. I decided to put 5 as the limit because in most cross-over games she's been in the maximum amount of bars you can hold is 5. As for the 2nd effect its just to acknowledge the fact that she's a Succubus so its kinda made up.

[b]About this card:[/b] The younger sister/2nd half of Morrigan. She more or less has similar effects as the previous card but she can also be used as an equip spell for Morrigan. In the original Darkstalkers games Morrigan can absorb Lilith to reach her full potential.

[b]About this card:[/b] The next few cards are based on the special attack cards from Red Eyes, D. Magician, Blue Eyes, etc. Soul Eraser is Morrigan's primary Super Move from the Darkstalkers games. Its more or less a more powerful version of the soul fist so in a way its not that much different from Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken in Street Fighter. As for the secondary effect? Well I kind of got the idea from watching some UMvC3 vids. Apparantly she can absorb meter when shooting a fully powered Soul Fist now. Kinda neat. I put "UDON SERIES" on the card because the artowrk is from Udon Comics.

[b]About this card:[/b] Another Super Move from Morrigan. In the original games she basically shoots a bunch of missiles from her wings. I tried my hardest to find a good quality image of her doing that but I honestly couldn't. The image I used for the card is from a Print Screen I took from a Youtube video. The shot is basically Morrigan's stance before she starts shooting. It was the best I can do on short notice.

[b]About this card:[/b] This is Morrigan and Lilith's most recognizable Super Move and usually the most powerful. Like the card describes it uses up 3 Bars of meter and the succubus summons a mirror clone of herself to do a tag team beatdown. It was hard finding an image of 2 Morrigans in 1 shot. That's actually a gif from the animated Darkstalkers movie.

So yeah that's my 1st attempt at making a card set. Was pretty bored when I made these but overall I personally like the overall outcome. What do you guys think?

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[quote name='FF Fan' timestamp='1321836538' post='5655977']
Don't use fake types.
You can use fake types.
Its just that people frown upon it.

OT: For a first card set these cards are pretty good. Some OCG errors but other than that it is fine.
Not a big fan of the combining attack thing with the last card. But that's just me :D

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