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all new deck

lewis 777

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monster 21

1rainbow dragon

1hamon,lord of striking thunder

1evil hero malicious edge

1gravi-crush dragon

1c.b sapphire pegasus

1c.b amber mammoth

1stone ogre grotto

1elemental hero sparkman

1c.b topaz tiger

1snipe hunter

1c.b cobalt eagle

1elemental hero burstinatrix

1c.b amethyst cat

1witch of the black forest

1elemental hero avan

1neo-spacian grand mole

1elemental hero claymen

1neo-s. air hummingbird

1c.b emerald tortoise

1magician of faith

1c.b ruby carbuncle


spell 14

1monster reborn

1mysticl space typhoon

1crystal promise

1swords of revealing light

1dark fusion

1pot of avarice

1crystal tree

1pot of greed


1tribute to the doomed

1magical stone excavation

1crystal beacon


1premature burial


trap 13

1trap jammer

1bottomless trap hole

1magic cylinder

1rainbow gravity

1nordic relic brisingamen

1mirror force

1return soul

1nightmare wheel

1raigeki break

1nutrient z

1dust tornado

1draining shield

1rrally eternal rest


extra deck 5

1evil hero infernal sniper

1elemental hero flame wingman

1evil inferno wing

1evil hero lightning golem

1evil hero dark gaia


ok i have 48

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