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Grand Theft Auto: Alpha & Omega (Open / Accepting)


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1. All YCM rules apply

2. All RP rules apply

3. My thread, my rules

4. Rule-breaking > Warning > Ban > Report


Liberty City; the town where crime and punishment serve as fire and water. One can say that the destruction in this city from constant break-outs of gunfire, explosions, and even poisonous gases is beyond what the average civilian can imagine; outsiders, that is. More money stolen, more people blasted in the head, and more drugs confiscated than any other related city, Liberty City holds them all into submission. But where there is crime, there is justice. Police numbers colonize the area like bees in a beehive, scouting every square meter like a bear guards its cub. Yet the city has developed ways of flanking these figures in uniform, for they know the city on the back of their hands and they have ways of escaping suspicion quickly.


However, there was a time in this city's history that stood out among the rest. With crimes exchanging left and right, feuds broke out between comrades, and betrayal was raining down like Hell. Chaos broke out, dragging the big dons into the fray. Under heavy parley and cocked guns to the head and nuts, the city agreed to separating into groups to prevent further confusion. Some chose without hesitation. Others found it difficult and submitted to a life without crime. Needless to say, this was the day known as A&O, Alpha and Omega. With Alpha dressed in orange and Omega dressed in pink, they claimed their territories and made amends with the cops, revolutionizing crime to a level where entering enemy territory is more than just unwise... it was exhilarating!

[spoiler=City Map]



Team: [Alpha (orange), Omega (pink), Cops (blue), or Civilian (grey)?]



Appearance: [3 lines minimum or pic]

Personality: [3 lines minimum]

Bio: [4 lines minimum]

Weapons: [Maximum 4]

[spoiler=Accepted Apps/Reserves]

The Swift Assaulter (Alpha/Omega/Cop)


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