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Machine cards


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What do you think of these machine cards. I had the idea of these cards working well on their own in random decks too.


With deadly sharp blades and high powered guns this robot is a deadly weapon.


This card can Attack your opponents Life Points directly


When this card is in Face-Up Defense Position this card cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. (battle damage is calculated normally)


Increase the ATK of all "M1 Soldier" cards on the Field by 200. Once per Draw Phase: instead of your normal Draw, You may search your Deck for one "M1 Soldier" card and add it to your hand. The Deck is then Shuffled.


Equip to any "M1 Soldier." Increase its ATK by 700 during your Battle Phase

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I agree with Ragnarok

The Stronghold has WAY too much Def.
I'd say you should either make it harder to summon or lower the Def.
Plus if it is going to have a Def that high its ATK should be much lower as well.
Otherwise its too strong of an attacker that can just be swapped to a wall in no time.

As for fire everything; I do believe that it should have some sort of destruction ability or something.
Just increasing ATK is kinda boring...

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