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Structure fun deck 23 : Fusion of the dimensions


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The goal is to make a realistic structure deck, comment or rate it^^
Structure fun deck 23 : Fusion of the dimensions
deck list :
SDFD-EN001 : D.D. deep sea dragon (ultra rare)
SDFD-EN002 : D.D. knight (super rare)
SDFD-EN003 : D.D. searchor (super rare)
SDFD-EN004 : D.D. warrior
SDFD-EN005 : D.D. assailant
SDFD-EN006 : D.D. warrior lady
SDFD-EN007 : D.D. scout plane
SDFD-EN008 : D.D. crow
SDFD-EN009 : D.D. sprite
SDFD-EN010 : D.D. trainer
SDFD-EN011 : D.D. survivor
SDFD-EN012 : D.D. destroyer
SDFD-EN013 : D.D.M. different dimension master
SDFD-EN014 : D.D. crazy beast
SDFD-EN015 : Dimensional alchemist
SDFD-EN016 : Cyber valley
SDFD-EN017 : Necro face
SDFD-EN018 : Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
SDFD-EN019 : Chaos sorcerer
SDFD-EN020 : Effect veiler
SDFD-EN021 : Gate to the different dimension
SDFD-EN022 : Soul release
SDFD-EN023 : Gold sarcophagus
SDFD-EN024 : D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
SDFD-EN025 : Different Dimension Capsule
SDFD-EN026 : Different Dimension Gate
SDFD-EN027 : Dark hole
SDFD-EN028 : Nobleman of Extermination
SDFD-EN029 : Nobleman of Crossout
SDFD-EN030 : Dark core
SDFD-EN031 : The Warrior Returning Alive
SDFD-EN032 : Dimensional breach
SDFD-EN033 : Return from the Different Dimension
SDFD-EN034 : Bottomless trap hole
SDFD-EN035 : Dimensional Prison
SDFD-EN036 : Dimension Wall
SDFD-EN037 : Dust tornado
SDFD-EN038 : Karma Cut
SDFD-EN039 : Mirror Force
SDFD-EN040 : Magic Drain


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